King Sue and Kamuning Bakery Celebrates “World Pandesal Day” Today!

Bread is a staple on dining tables all around the world. In the Philippines, the classic "pugon" or wood fire oven baked pandesal traditionally graces each breakfast, merienda, and Noche Buena tables for generations. 

A staple in every household, what makes freshly baked hot pandesal so special is the way it creates warm loving memories of family bonding and maternal nurturing. The addition of a delicious assortment of "palaman", literally translated in English as fillings, makes these breads delectably mouth watering which preps and energizes people for the day ahead.

Coinciding with the United Nation’s World Food Day, the World Pandesal Day is an annually localized event which endears itself deeper in the heart of the Filipinos. What makes the pandesal unique is that it evokes visions of family breakfast gatherings, recess playtime, sharing what you have with others, a refreshing work break that energizes you for the day at hand, and a quick pick me upper on the way home. The pandesal is the epitome of Filipino caring. Amidst its more colorful and more modern culinary concoctions, the pandesal’s small and lightly brown toasted exterior symbolizes the steadfast nature of a true classic which is never there to over power but to complement so that a delectable taste is experienced.

As Kamuning Bakery Café’s owner, Wilson Lee Flores, gives out some freshly pugon-baked pandesal for free, King Sue has prepared an assortment of Sweet Ham, Pina Ham and Malinamham for tasting from a special kiosk to complement the bakery’s activities. Guest of the event can also see the variety of deli sausages, and meat products on the table spread which features the wide range of breads Kamuning Bakery has to offer. Furthermore, King Sue launches a series of new and exciting, easy to prepare, and creative recipes online for people to enjoy. 

Aside from being the perfect bread compliment, King Sue hams and sausages are best enjoyed with pastas, salads, soups and entrees.

World Pandesal Day will be on October 16, 2017. Drop by Kamuning Bakery and get your fill of fantastic freebies.

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