Dreaming of their Paintings, Painting their Dreams

It all started with 195 young artists/students and a single dream. They dreamed of winning the plum prizes at the recently concluded Global Art Philippines National Art Competition. Working around this year’s theme “My Dream City,” these budding artists drew and painted their ideal city or place. 

Seven of them were adjudged grand champions and will represent the Philippines at the Global Art International Level Competition to be held in Kuala Lumpur in December this year.

The competition had two main categories based on the medium used. The first Category was Creative Drawing. Here, participants were further divided into four age groups: Category A (4-6 years old), Category B (7-9 years old), Category C (10-12 years old), Category D (13 and above).

They had to draw and color using color pencils, oil pastel, or poster color paint. An Acrylic Painting Category was opened for the first time. This was divided into three d age groups: Category 1 (7-9 years old), Category 2 (10-12 years old), and Category 3 (13 years old and above).

Named grand champions for Creative Drawing Category are Benno Julian Sy Ang (Category A), Kirsten Mirielle Go (Category B), Reina Nagoshi (Category C), and Hannah Ong (Category D). Champions for the Acrylic Painting Category are Francesca Arcilla (Category 1), Ashley Gomez (Category 2), and Kelly Reese Martin (Category 3). 

 “Art adds color to my life. Through it, I can express my thoughts and emotions louder than I can with my voice,” 13-year old Kelly Martin said. Her winning painting was inspired by Paris, her dream city. “We visited the place last summer and I was awed by its beauty and grandeur.” 

Like Kelly, 8-year-old Kirsten Go, also appreciates the benefits she gets from art lessons at Global Art. Her piece was an artwork of her dream city, Candy Land.

Francesca Arcilla, 9 years old, feels more confident about her art and style after winning at this year’s event: “Studying at Global Art taught me to use my imagination and appreciate the colors of life.”

Benno Ang and Reina Nagoshi are both exciting to compete at the International Level. “Art is just like writing stories,” Nagoshi mused. “And I’m going to prepare for it by constantly practicing what I love to do and that is, drawing.”

Hannah Ong, 13, knows that winning means a new set of challenges are underway but she is more determined than scared of these challenges. “The competition is an opportunity for me to be exposed and grow as an artist,” she said.

“At Global Art Philippines, we encourage and unleash the individual creative potentials of toddlers, teenagers, and even adults. We have art enrichment programs, mentorship, and competitions like these to further inspire students and to give them opportunities to boost their artistic talent,” Yenny Saw, Global Art Country Manager, said.

Global Art’s main goal is to see young artists step up their artistic skills through these competitions. True enough, these seven grand champions showcased their artistic flair and won a chance to represent the Philippines in Kuala Lumpur. “Clearly, this learning experience has not only taught them to paint but also to get ready to live their dreams,” Saw concluded.

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