Brighten your mornings with Happy Day 100% Orange Juice

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It has to be a complete set of food that is nutritious enough to provide you with energy and will motivate you to start the day early. A better way to intensify this hearty meal is adding up an orange juice as your morning drink. The citrus scent of oranges is energizing and invigorating, and it wakes up the senses like no other.

Happy Day 100% Orange Juice goes well with rice meals, sandwiches, waffles, and pancakes. So whatever it is that you’re having for breakfast, you can never go wrong with this perfect pairing. This orange juice is good for you because it’s made from top quality sun-ripened oranges, with 1 liter equivalent to 15 of sun-ripened oranges giving you about four oranges per glass. It’s also certified all-natural, thus making it a great-tasting addition to your early healthy eating habits.

Much more, drinking orange juice first thing in the morning is excellent for our body. A glass of Happy Day Orange Juice is enough to fulfill your body’s daily requirement of Vitamin C. And because our bodies can’t produce Vitamin C, the more we should be conscious about our daily dose of intake because it helps to boost immune system, lower hypertension, and even protect against common cough and colds. Pure and refreshing, it’s also the most convenient way to enjoy the world-famous Austrian Oranges. 

Happy Day 100% Orange Juice is perfect for both kids and adults with different active lifestyles, so it’s an ideal breakfast accompaniment of the whole family. It’s time to shift to a healthy routine and make it a habit to power up with Happy Day 100% Orange Juice as the first order of the day!

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