Comforting Japanese Favorites at Ori Japanese House

As the former circuit race track starts to evolve into a lively and colorful community, which soon will be surrounded by towering condominium residences and office facilities, at the heart of it lies a city oasis they call Circuit Lane Mall – one of the newest malls in the metro that provides unique leisure experience filled with shopping and dining destinations.

And last weekend, together with some friends, I had a chance to visit this area located at the boundary of Manila and Makati City. I was honestly surprised to see how fast an old horse race track changed into something homey and comforting. Though, it wasn’t yet 100% functional, I saw that there’s a great line up of restaurants, food joints and coffee shops in the area that will surely entice its guests. And among these is this new go-to place for Japanese food cravings – Ori Japanese House.

Inspired by origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, Ori offers a great selection of delectable and luscious Japanese favorites such as ramen, gyoza, sushi, sashimi, maki, okonomiyaki, bento meals and so much more.

Since it’s our first time here, and the place is barely new – actually, they are still on soft-opening phase when we dined here, we had what we could have and I’ll admit, we had so much!

Among those on the menu, there are three dishes that delighted my palette, and yours too if you come and visit them soon!

Ori Maki - Php240.00

First on the list is their version of maki, or the tempting Japanese rolls consist of rice, choice of filling and nori or seaweed. Ori Maki is a consist of chopped soft-shell crabs rolled with rice and nori topped cheese and aligue mayo sauce. Upon serving this dish, Ori server fill torch each bite-seize serving that adds that crunch and smoked nori flavor. Every order is consist of 6 delectable bite-size pieces served in this Japanese wooden platter.

Dragon Maki - Php460.00

Another favorite of mine from Ori Japanese House is their Dragon Maki. A contrasting combination of flavor, color, size and aroma, this diet-slayer dish filled me up really good due to its bigger-than-expected bite-seized maki. I'm giving this one A for platting and another A for the serving size because 2-3 persons can share for every order of this.

Tonkotsu Ramen - Php420.00

And finally, for some comforting dish, Ori Japanese House didn't let down our taste buds with their Tonkotsu Ramen. A big bowl that is good enough for two to share, their version of one of my many Japanese favorites is not bad after all. Despite of not making their own ramen noodles, their ramen broth gave justice to the whole dish sharing a soothing Japanese flavor.

Other dishes you should try, and are equally good and gives a good value to your money are the following:

Ebi Tempura - Php 395.00

Salmon Nigiri - Php185.00

Tuna Nigiri - Php170.00

Tofu Butayaki - Php199.00

Gyoza - Php160.00

Okonomiyaki - Php245.00


Ori Japanese House will be open from 10 in the morning til late night, hence, the place also serve some local and imported beers and cocktails. The interior is so spacious that it can house more than a hundred guests in one seating, including the bar and al fresco area. Soon, this place will also have some Japanese desserts and drinks.

Happy eating! Arigatōgozaimashita!

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