What kind of employee are you? Find out through this cool quiz from Home Credit

The months of March to May are not just associated with summer (although this is hard to ignore considering the high temperatures lately), but also graduation season. And this also means that many new grads are now busy browsing through Jobstreet or LinkedIn looking for job openings - or at the very least, trying to figure out what careers they want to pursue.

But before asking yourselves which employer is best for you, you might want to ask first and foremost a more basic question - what kind of employee are you? This is a very important question to ask and answer, since all too often, employers are looking for specific qualities in applicants that will give them an edge over other job hopefuls.

And what’s more, knowing what kind of employee you are can guide you on which companies or industries to look for in your job search, and increase the chances of you finding your dream job.

Consumer finance company Home Credit Philippines, which currently has more than 5,300 employees in the Philippines, has come up with a cool survey to help you determine what kind of employee you are. Take the nicely designed quiz here, or answer it below. The mechanics are simple: just choose between A or B!

Which do you value more?

A. Working in a high-profile business district
B. Working close to home 

A. High basic pay
B. Good benefits, including for your family

A. Getting a lot of overtime pay
B. Getting good work-life balance

A. Working inside a cubicle
B. Working in an open workplace

A. Working for a big, well-known company
B. Helping a small, startup company get started

A. Getting a quick promotion
B. Becoming an expert in your position

A. Moving from one company to another to increase your market value
B. Growing with a company, and growing your market value along the way

So, what kind of employee are you?

According to Home Credit, if you selected “A” more times than “B”, then you are an Achiever. You put high importance on your career, and very ambitious in achieving your personal goals. You would do especially well in a fast-paced corporate environment.

On the other hand, if you selected “B” more times than “A”, then you are a Dreamer. You put great value on career success, and at the same time put great importance on work-life balance. You get along well with people, and this helps you move forward in your career. You could do very well in startups or compact companies, or even as a self-starting entrepreneur!

So are you an Achiever or are you a Dreamer? Share your results in the comments section!

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