Costa Coffee’s Flagship Store is Now Open at Robinsons Galleria

COSTA COFFEE recently opened its flagship store at the heart of Ortigas. Located at Robinsons Galleria, the 135-sqm store is the first to sport the contemporary Atlas interior, the current look and feel of Costa Coffee shops around the world.

Instead of the usual Union Jack pop art interiors, it has a new lighting design, a simpler and more streamlined array of wood and polished materials, and berry hues of purple and green. These rich tones and other stylish aspects will be splashed in its interior—from the tiles to the furniture, to still allude to London’s rich and iconic culture.

Better Baristas Craft Better Coffee 
At Costa Coffee, baristas prepare coffee with a combination of technical skills and art that takes time and patience to perfect. “The machines just provide support because our baristas are professionally trained. They are experts who prepare coffee with passion and precision. They can tell the perfect espresso (hazelnut colored crema, no bubbles and with red tinges) through sight, taste and smell. These are what make Costa different from others,” explained Justin dela Fuente, Costa Coffee Philippines Barista of the Year 2016.

There are a lot of beverages to choose from. The signature Flat White has extracted shot of Cortissimo, then topped with textured milk resulting in an intense and rich coffee mellowed with velvety smooth texture. Other bestsellers are Capuccino, Latte, Café Caramella, Mocha and ice-blended Frostinos.

The Stars of Summer: All-new Frostinos, Coolers and Food Items
Costa Coffee invites you to grab new Frostinos and Coolers with flavors that will give your days that much-need boost.

The Caramel Coffee Crunch Frostino is a flavor-wonderland where caramel melds seamlessly with a shot of Mocha Italia espresso, finished with cookie crumbs. Indulgent is the word to describe Tiramisu Frostino. Delight in its rich smoothness, infused with a perfect espresso shot of Mocha Italia blend and topped with cocoa dusting. Coffee Cream Frostino is an instant classic. There is the Mocha Italia’s wonderful balance of berry fruitiness and caramel-hazelnut blended with cream that presents a fine and luxurious taste.

Meanwhile, Costa Coffee’s Coolers are meant to refresh and invigorate you amidst the sweltering heat. They’re a harmonious blend of fruits and the aroma of flowers. Try Watermelon Rose; Lychee Blossom and Hibiscus Strawberry Cooler.

Along with these drinks are new savory offerings. Order the Bacon Croissant with either smoked or honey-cured bacon and enjoy with Caramel Coffee Crunch Frostino. Another choice is Ham and Egg Croissant. You’d love this sandwich with Tiramisu Frostino. The Pork Curry Turnover goes well with Coffee Cream Frostino.

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