Inspire Creativity Through Summer Art Programs at Global Art

Summer is the best time to involve your kids in a myriad of activities that will make their vacation fun and memorable like art programs that will not only keep them busy but will inspire creativity as well.

Creating art fuels the imagination and takes it a step further. It is also a way of unraveling what hidden talents a child has.

This is what Global Art offers. It is school where toddlers, teenagers and even adults are encouraged to unleash their creative potential through world-class art enrichment programs. 

There are several summer art programs that Global Art offers. One is Creative Drawing. This motivates children to create a one of a kind artwork and not just copy a teacher’s sample. Young as they are, students will be inspired to think every step of the way (think of a story that inspires the artwork, drawing composition, decide on angles and sizes of the objects of the drawing, and what colors to use). Then the teacher will help him/her draw based on the child’s story and using Global Art’s coloring techniques to make drawings come alive. 

Another popular program is Acrylic Painting. Here, children learn how to paint a still life, a landscape and even a portrait using acrylic paints and brushes. Properly coached by teachers, they will be taught different techniques including knife painting. 

Global Art also offers another exciting art program which is Clay Art. Children will enjoy rolling, squeezing, twirling, and pulling clay to create different objects. An interesting aspect of these classes is the "Cultural Program" where students learn the different cultures and customs of a country including its landmarks and create a miniature of them through clay and painting. 

Other art packages to choose from are : 

  • 2 Hours Workshop for busy kids who do not have many hours to learn art
  • Multimedia Course (Creative Drawing, Painting and Clay) or the Sampler Program
  • Drawing And Sketching (for 13 yrs old and above)
  • Cartoon and Comic (for 7 yrs old and above) 

Make summer exciting and fun for your kids. Help them express themselves creatively. And art is a good medium to this. 

Global Art has 15 branches throughout Metro Manila, Pampanga, Cebu, Davao and General Santos. Visit their website - - for a complete list of their branches.

For further information and inquiries on Global Art Philippines, visit or call their main office at Unit 101, Sekai Center, 368 Ortigas Avenue corner Madison Street, Greenhills, San Juan; Tel no. 726-0435. Like them on Facebook:

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