Celebrate Every Milestone with Franzia

A memorable milestone has to be accompanied by the perfect celebration. So for the graduation season, Franzia wine is here to inspire a lifetime of achievements where friends and family are happy to gather in support of the newly grad!

When the party is outdoors, opt for the wonderful balance of fruity and refreshing taste of Franzia Chillable Red that’s semi-dry and satisfies the palate. For a more elegant affair or sit down dinner, Franzia California Red’s ripe and juicy blackberry flavor hits the spot and exemplifies elegance in every sip. 

Made from California USA’s finest grapes, Franzia has developed its very own innovative Wine Tap technology that’s guaranteed to make your milestone a little different from the usual affair. While Franzia wine in a bottle is always a good idea, Franzia boxed wine is another story that’s bracingly refreshing for celebrating life’s memorable milestones.  The wine is conveniently packaged in a box that’s equivalent to three-liter bottles of wine and could serve more than 25 wine glasses, so there’s no reason rushing out while in the middle of the fun. And no need to worry about its quality as you can store the wine for six weeks and the last glass will still be as fresh as the first. 

Since this is a priceless moment that deserves a dreamy gathering, celebrate your achievements in high spirits with Franzia where you can’t go wrong for its pleasurable quality at a fair price.

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