Vitamix® Premium Blender: Fast, Efficient, and Powerful

Vitamix®, together with its three ambassadors, hosted a delicious afternoon to showcase how amazing this premium blender is. The venue was filled with healthy and refreshing greens as part of the table setting. Even the photo wall had a calming rustic style reminiscent of laid back country vibe. All these were carefully selected and designed to set the mood for the program proper, and that is for Vitamix® to deliver the healthiest dishes - fast, efficient, and powerful.

As soon as the notable guests arrived, the likes of homemakers Nicole Ortega, Juana Manahan-Yupangco, Financial Tech executive Chinky Apostol, fitness enthusiast Gelli Victor, The Expat Dietician Rebecca Lwin, and Chef Philip Goulding, were invited to watch a quick demo of how to make your very own pineapple, saba, and spinach smoothie in just 10 seconds with the Vitamix® premium blender. Everyone was amazed at how rich and smooth this drink is, and this was just a teaser of what Vitamix® has in store for these special guests.

Vitamix® is fast

The program kicked off with the very first set of ambassadors, Holy Carabao Holistic Farm's Hindy Weber and Melanie Teng-Go. Both Vitamix® users for over a decade, they highly recommend this kitchen appliance, sharing recipes to friends and their followers online. It's so much more than a blender, because it does the work of multiple and various kitchen appliances. The Vitamix® premium blender has proven to be "the most utilized appliance" in the kitchen. For this afternoon, they made their favorites on stage such as Yogurt Caesar Dressing, and Take Root Smoothie Bowl. Hindy Weber excitedly added, "See? It's this fast (less than 30 seconds) to make."

Vitamix® is efficient

Next up was award-winning Chef Robby Goco of Cyma Greek Restaurants, and Green Pastures. Tasked to road test the Vitamix® premium blender, Robby was blown away by how efficient it is and how he can make more dishes from scratch with it. "In the old days, making hummus takes hours to make. Now, with the Vitamix® premium blender, it just takes less than five minutes to make," shares Robby as he shares a new recipe, Avocado Hummus, via a quick demo, along with a steaming hot soup of Caldo Verde. Yes, you can make hot drinks, soup, even congee and more! How? The motors are also built to maintain cool temperature at high speeds, giving them the stamina to blend soups and sauces for six minutes at a time—long enough for the blades' friction heat to bring them to serving temperature right inside the container.

Vitamix® is powerful

As a sweet ending, the third brand ambassador, wellness advocate and top photographer Sara Black showcased the power of the Vitamix® premium blender. First up is her favorite Green Smoothie made of bananas, mango, spinach, avocado, coconut milk, and sprinkled with chia seeds. She takes this almost every morning, and blends it in less than 10 seconds with the Vitamix® premium blender. It's that powerful! What's more awesome than her first recipe is how she was able to make her very own peanut butter in less than a minute with just a dash of salt. Even more delicious is when she mixed this homemade peanut butter with coconut meat, cacao powder, coconut cream, honey, salt and cacao nibs for a healthy dose of ice cream that even the kids will love.

All the guests were treated to bite-sized servings of what the Vitamix® brand ambassadors presented on stage: Holy Carabao Holistic Farm’s Yogurt Caesar Dressing and Take Root Smoothie, Chef Robby Goco’s Avocado Hummus and Caldo Verde, and Sara Black’s Green Smoothie, Peanut Butter with Apple slices, and Choco-nut ice cream. What’s the guests’ favorite? It’s hard to choose just one!


For the closing remarks, Vitamix® Philippines Managing Director, Ortrud Yao, shared her very own story on stage. What started out as a housewarming present twenty four years ago, Ortrud was given the opportunity to bring in the Vitamix® premium blender to the Philippines in 2005. “I grabbed it in an instant, because the thought of sharing a product that I truly believed in was very exciting for me,” she reminisced.

What made her own Vitamix® story even more powerful is when she became a mom to a sickly child. She shared, “I got so frustrated and tired of waiting for my son to outgrow being a picky eater that it moved me to make one simple change to our family's diet. Each of us had one glass of whole food juice every day. In no time, my son's health improved significantly. As cliché as it sounds, food became his medicine and the tool that made that happen was in my kitchen all along: my trusty Vitamix®.”

This is her Vitamix® story, and today’s collaboration with the brand ambassadors means so much to her because they all share the same principles: heart work, holistic wellness, quality and integrity, and active clean living. Ortrud added, “Over the next few months, you can look forward to our brand ambassadors’ personal Vitamix® stories.  We aim to inspire everyone to live a healthier lifestyle.”

The Vitamix® premium blender will definitely help put more people on the right track with their healthy resolutions for it is the best in its category: versatile, durable, powerful, easy to use, easy to clean, excellent customer service, long warranty duration, and continuous technological improvements for a life lived the healthy way.

The Vitamix® blender is distributed in the Philippines by Vitamix Philippines, and is available at Rustan’s Shangri-La, Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Cebu, Gourdo’s Gateway, Gourdo’s Trinoma, Gourdo’s Alabang Town Center, Gourdo’s Megamall, Living Well Podium, Living Well SM Aura, The Parenting Emporium, Earth Origins San Juan, Healthy Eats Makati, Chimes Store Davao, Automatic Center Greenbelt, Automatic Center Eastwood, Abenson Fort, Abenson UP Town Center and Landers Superstore Otis, Landers Superstore Balintawak. It is also available online through, and

For inquiries, and home demonstration appointments, please call 373-3038, or send an e-mail to or You can also follow Vitamix Philippines on Facebook ( and on Instagram (

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