Summer Picnic with King Sue

Nothing screams summer more than school vacation, a day at the beach and picnics. Now that the sun is out and the probability of rain-drenched days is very small, it’s time to bring the family and friends out to the park or a daytrip to a nearby resort. 

Easy-to-eat and fuss-free dishes are a must in any outdoor outing. But packing up food and keeping them safe can be tricky. King Sue shares these tips that will make your outing a walk in the park.

1. Bring food and drinks that are easy to transport and travel well. Examples are miniature and bite-size pizzas that can be eaten by hand. They’re easy to prepare too. Cut pizza dough or pan de sal into small pieces, spread them with tomato sauce and top with your favorite toppings like King Sue pepperoni, peppers and other veggies, then top with loads of cheese! They’re kid (adult)-approved snacks that always get the thumbs up!

2. Sliders are filling and the ultimate comfort food. Pack grilled King Sue burgers and crispy bacon, sliced tomatoes, shredded lettuce and cheese slices. Assemble your own sliders at the picnic venue so the vegetables don’t get soggy. Eat away!

3. Other sandwiches are also great al fresco food. You can even make them with flour tortillas. Simply fill them with King Sue ham, cheese, pickles and whatever strikes your fancy. They are quite a treat to unwrap, a bit more exciting that the usual white bread slices. 

4. If you’re bringing your griller along, get those sausages and frankfurters ready. Just grill them in skewers with some peppers and pineapple and your guests will be satisfied in no time at all. Food in skewers are always more fun and exciting to eat. King Sue has assorted sausages perfect for this purpose. Bring some delicious sides such as potato, macaroni salad or coleslaw salad for an even more filling meal. 

5. Of course, don’t forget to bring the basics- chips, nuts, crackers, dried fruits. Everyone wants something to much at all times.

Get into the summer mode and dive into the season. All you’ll need is a whole lot of imagination to make your outing an amazing adventure. 

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