Book Launch: Broken Mirror by Aurora Teo Mei Ling and Coylee Gamboa

Being the faithful person that I am, learning or hearing stories of a man or a woman cheating on their wife or husband or partners is one act I could not fathom. With a relationship built on the foundation of love, trust and faith, how could one person easily get attached to another person despite of the promises and vows they made for their partners.

If change is really here – then, it is definitely something we should be scared of.

Last January 27, Friday, at the Manila Grand Opera Hotel in Manila City, while the whole Filipino-Chinese Community in the country and in the world, are busy preparing for the upcoming Chinese New Year, a book launch happened spearheaded by its authors, Miss Coylee Gamboa and Aurora Teo Mei Ling.

A book that shares and unfolds the story of what it is like to live inside a Filipino-Chinese Marriage, Broken Mirror is set to open our eyes, mind, heart and soul to the things happening inside the four corners of a Filipino-Chinese household - including its triumphs, challenges, heartbreaks and healing.

"Legend says that, when a child is born, a mirror is forged to reflect the new soul so care must be taken not to break the mirror for that would bring bad luck. Aurora Teo Mei Ling’s streak of bad luck ran seven times seven years.
Losing her mother at two, Aurora, as a child, was made to feel unwanted and unworthy of love. As a young adult, she mistook lust for love and entered into relationships with men who abused her. Eventually, she married an immigrant from China and strove to be a traditional Chinese wife.
Aurora shows us the secret world of Filipino Chinese marriages. In a culture where a woman’s silence in the face of abuse and maltreatment is viewed as a virtue because of self-sacrifice and submission, Aurora defies tradition as she breaks the code of silence and divulges secrets of a Chinese marriage."

During the launch, Ms. Coylee divulged that though the story may be familiar to most of us, what this book differentiate from the other stories that we've read, heard and saw on movies is that this one tells a real story of a Filipino-Chinese marriage, whose husband is familiar in the country - a resounding truth that will give us a new perspective of what it is really like to be in this kind of setup.

With the beautiful name of Aurora as the main character, Broken Mirror will make you feel the love you've lost and the love you've found all over again. The roller coaster ride of her life was so moving that will make you value your family more, and moreso your own life - your own happiness.

Broken Mirror is published bu Caelestis Production, Inc. To know more about this book, you can visit its official website and YOu may also follow this on Facebook (

Happy reading!

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