7-Eleven TRAIL 2017 becomes more challenging than ever before!

One of the most anticipated single-loop XC mountain bike races in the country will once again dominate the hills of San Mateo, Rizal this February 19. Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC), country licensee of leading convenience store chain, 7-Eleven, will be hosting it’s annual mountain bike race event, Trail 2017.

Since its' inception in 2014, 7-Eleven Trail Series continues to grow more popular every year. With more than 2,000 registrants last year, Trail 2017 is bigger and better than ever before. The event is part of 7-Eleven’s initiative to keep promoting a healthy lifestyle and a deeper appreciation for the environment.

This year, 7-Eleven Trail 2017 strikes a balance between challenging regular racers while still being achievable for weekend riders, by adding an earlier finish line on top of the Nursery climb, which served as last year’s cutoff point.

7-Eleven Trail 2017 features a 40km race, which is similar to last year’s track but with the inclusion of a second black diamond trail. Another 5km was added to last year’s 35km by resurrecting the fabled Roxas descent, an old school legend that has fallen into disuse. Rocky, steep, loose and rutted, the original black diamond trail of Maarat is already every bit as challenging, and by adding a second black diamond, 7-Eleven Trail 2017 becomes more epic especially for those who have the skills and endurance to handle the challenge.

Another option for those who can’t do a 9kph over a steep and technical single track is the 30km trail. The 30km trail is similar to last year’s but with the finish moved to cutoff on top of Nursery climb. Although this will be timed, it is more of a challenge than a race, as no awarding will be done, only a finisher’s medal given.

Registration is until January 18, 2017. Visit www.trail711.com for more info.

Be sure to follow the 7-Eleven Trail Series Facebook Page (www.facebook.com/trail711) for updates!

Participants can also join in on the conversation using the official hashtag, #711Trail2017!

7-Eleven Trail 2017 is held in partnership with Timberland Heights, as the official venue partner, and Solar Sports and CNN as the official media partner. The event is also brought to you by Fox, 7-Connect, Timex, Gatorade, Selecta, and Powerade, and sponsored by Ceres, Suncoast, Crystalite, Black Mamba, Century Pacific, Locally, Pocari Sweat, Monster Energy Drink, Federated, and Wilkins.

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