#MMFF2016: Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2 #ForeverIsNotEnough (Review)

Director Marlon Rivera and Eugene Domingo didn't disappoint their fans after years of waiting for the much-awaited sequel of one of the most successful Indie movies in the country finally hits back the cinema and this time as an official entry to the 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival, Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2 #ForeverIsNotEnough.

Domingo playing an overrated and over demanding Eugene Domingo is back as she "awakens" her showbiz career after years of hiatus and after garnering tons of awards from their previous movie with Kean Cipriano playing Direk Rainier entitled "Walang Wala."

Still joined by Cai Cortez, who plays Line Producer for their new film project "The Itinerary", the story of Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2 still revolves around Domingo who wants all of her ideas to be injected to Cipriano's new Indie movie project. With contrasting ideas just like before between Domingo and Cipriano, a contemporary punchlines and "hugot lines" were added along with the new characters of Jericho Rosales and Joel Torre.

Much more to the comical relief on dialogues and acting of the old characters, Rosales added so much kilig to the film, while Torre gave a depth while keeping the comedic aspect of it all.

Though, Agot Isidro and Khalil Ramos, whose names are famous on TV and music, plays a vital role on the film, the charter of Facundo, played by Gui Adorno, is something to look forward as he added some funny yet steamy segment to the film, making the audience go woo and kilig at the same time.

I must say that I'm not expecting so much from this sequel, but I was surprise to see myself laughing at the middle towards the end of it. The first 10 to 20 minutes were kinda dragging given that Domingo was already visible in it. Maybe because it started a little dramatic compared to the excitement feel that we had on the first film. Cipriano was a revelation on this one and his acting skills leveled up and made me realize that he can really act now. Though, I still like him as the lead vocalist of Callalily. Hehe.

If only they had Daniel Padilla or James Reid or maybe Enrique Gil at the ending, I think, a lot of younger generation would get curious to see this one. But still, kudos to the team who gave justice to the sequel, still a must-watch film this MMFF season. 

Congratulations and mabuhay ang pelikulang Pilipino!

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