#SeasonOfGiving: Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Welcomes Christmas with Four 2017 Giving Journal

The Holidays is definitely the Season of Giving. What better way to celebrate it and spread the love and the blessings that we received and keep on receiving than by sharing to our loved one and to those who need it the most. That's why this year,  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® reminds everyone that life is about what we can contribute to the world during this #SeasonOfGiving.

Hey, everyone! It's that time of the year again where we share what we have from our genuine hearts! Get you inspiration for the coming year with the 2017 Giving Journal!

Each icon you find on the four covers of the 2017 edition of The Giving Journal is a graphic representation of how The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® commits to giving back to the community, through promoting goodwill and social responsibility.

Start Your Giving Journey with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®

Each month of the year begins with a sketch that symbolizes the various commitments of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®. They aim to inspire each individual to be part of the Giving Journey by highlighting the advocacies of their partner organizations, how each one of us can take action and get involved through its pages.

One such advocacy is the Real LIFE Foundation, an organization committed to serving the poor through education, character development, and community service. Centered on supporting Real LIFE’s hopeful mission, every Giving Journal redeemed throughout the holiday season will enable the dreams of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf®’s  scholars to take flight.

Throughout the pages of the 2017 Giving Journal, every individual will find inspiration to brew their best year yet by becoming the best version of themselves, by making a positive difference in the world and living a life full of love and service for others.

You can start collecting of stamps for The 2017 Giving Journal beginning October 22, 2016.
And today, November 9, you can get two stamps! So, hurry now!

Happy Holidays, friends!

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