A Bee Choo Treat!

Reaching the age of thirty isn't a joke - really! Aside from emotional problem, there's the financial or career, family, personal and even love issues that you have to deal with. These things and some other stuff bring so much stress to our body, including to our crowning glory. And even though, it's okay to some guys to go bald, not for me. I'd like to keep my hair and I want it to grow thicker and healthier. Sadly, hair loss is something that I've been battling for years now. And despite of the different treatment I've tried before, it seems this is gonna be a long-term battle.

Luckily, Singapore's all-natural product is now available here in the metro, Bee Choo Origin. Founded by Madame Cheah Bee Chew (Bee Choo) more than a decade ago, this Singaporean brand is a 100% organic herbal hair treatment that was formulated to help people who like her, experienced hair problems. She discovered that certain herbs not only drastically lessened hair loss, but also improved hair condition from the inside out. From 2006 until now, the Bee Choo Origin Wellness Center has been providing natural solutions to hair problems caused by people’s modern lifestyle all over the world.

I've been trying their products and services for almost a year now, and I'm happy to share that I can see some progress on the condition of my hair and scalp. Bee Choo products are perfect for Filipinos that are especially known for their thick, beautiful, dark locks. This incredible brand does not only prevents hair loss, but detoxifies chemically damaged hair, revitalizes scalp health, adds volume to thinning hair, and improves dry and frizzy hair safely and effectively.

What's great about this is that even pregnant women looking for zero-chemical hair treatments can use Bee Choo’s products without any worries. No wonder why this revolutionary hair treatment brand has won Singapore’s Prestige Brand Award for 3 consecutive years.

When it comes to our hair, nothing less than the best should do. Elevate your hair game with Bee Choo organic hair treatments, and see your crowning glory get the attention you’ve always wanted.

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The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant, is the exclusive distributor of BeeChoo Origin Wellness Center in the Philippines.

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