School is about to get slime-tastic as Nick Takes Over Your School returns for 13th year of awesomeness

Class bells ring for an incredibly fun break as Nick Takes Over Your School rolls out again for its 13th year in the Philippines. This time, kids and family entertainment brand Nickelodeon, is bringing a different learning experience to kids in schools, in the form of interactive activities and games and a boost to their self-esteem with the theme, “Shout It Out Proud.” Over 10,000 kids in 20 schools in the Metro and Greater Metro Manila areas are expected to participate in the initiative which runs throughout August and September.

“We, at Nickelodeon, believe in the importance of encouraging kids to develop a positive self-image and grow into loving and competent individuals. With this in mind, we carry out various initiatives such as Nick Takes Over Your School, in hopes of making a positive impact in their lives,” said Dinna Zaratan, Country Manager, Philippines, Viacom International Media Networks.

Nickelodeon holds the annual Nick Takes Over Your School program to inject play into learning through physical and mental challenges that promote sportsmanship and team spirit, along with a good dose of its signature green slime that is Nickelodeon’s badge of honor. 

This year, Nick Takes Over Your School tackles the relevance of instilling self-confidence in kids with “Shout It Out Proud,” which inspires kids to embrace their individuality. It is on a mission to rouse kids to find their inner voice that’s raring to shout out some self-love!

Nick Takes Over Your School will be bringing a half-day packed with fun-tertainment activities to kids. There will be exciting booth activities from Nickelodeon’s partners, as well as visits from everyone’s favorite Nickelodeon characters such as SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star.

At Nick Takes Over Your School’s first stop, kids didn’t hold back from shouting out what makes them unique individuals. Among all the kids having a well-deserved day of fun was Xavier Alejandrino, a 10-year-old Nickster who couldn’t help but express his excitement.

“I am weird and mysterious and I’m happy to share that I am like this, because I can comfortably do what I want to do,” said Alejandrino. He added that he finds inspiration to be comfortable with who he is by watching the aspirational and unique lead characters in Nickelodeon’s shows such as Henry Danger and The FairlyOdd Parents

Kids can expect school to be more awesome when Nickelodeon takes over their school. They will get to play fun games, and develop vital skills and a love for life-long learning, as they vie for the ultimate reward, Nickelodeon’s iconic slime!

Nickelodeon fans around the country, get ready to “Shout It Out Proud” because you’ll never know when Nickelodeon will come to take over your school. Be on the lookout for the coming of the slime, oozing with positivity and a powerful message of self-love!

To find out where Nick Takes Over Your School took place, visit the Nickelodeon Asia Facebook Page.

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