Space (by Alex de Vera Dizon)

In a world with almost 8 billion of population
There will a come a time that all we need is separation
From all the craziness and madness that surround us
Taking a step back might be the best option we can ever have

But sometimes, destiny is not on our side to favor our wishes
And sometimes, it is time that pushes us to our limits 
Extracting all the patience that's left on us
Taking even the last breath of air from all these chaos

We all need space, even just for a littel time
Space from our work, space from our daily lives
Even space from family, friends and sadly, even from ourselves
But space even if it's available is hardly achievable

Millions of stories have been told 
Millions of poems have been written about this
But despite of the clamors and rages for it
Sometimes ,space even if it's available is hardly achievable

I need a space.
Please give my own space back.

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