B Hotels Alabang's New Beds are the Best!

What do people look forward to when checking into a hotel? Impeccable service, a nice
view, an appetizing minibar - all of these are definitely essential, but no one can argue
the fact that the most important element of a hotel staycation is the bed. Nothing defines
a great hotel experience more than being able to sink in the comforts of an outstanding
hotel bed.

Slide Under The Sheets of 5-Star Beds In A Midscale Hotel

No one knows this more than Ryan Chan, the Managing Director Of B Hotels. When he
established the B Hotel brand, Ryan Chan envisioned a mid-scale hotel that would give
its guests 5-star service -- a hotel that would put a more affordable price tag on luxury.
Ryan emphasizes that, “Pampering is the new business amenity.”

The beds of B Hotel Alabang were already the finest among the mid-scale hotels in the
South, but because the B Hotel Alabang Team is 5-star-minded, they raised the bar
even higher by upgrading the beds to 5-star quality. “We Put A Premium on Value”
means that B Hotel Alabang is all about giving you only the best and the most opulent
services without breaking your budget.

The linens and duvets are being supplied by Pacific Coast Feather Company, a famous
brand that specializes in luxury beds. Guests can now look forward to lazing around all
day in a soft and billowy mattress. A bed that feels like you are lying down on a cloud of
poppies, with a softness that is just right, and one that leads you to dreamland by hand.

To top it off, guests can slide under the sheets of smooth and puffy duvets while
cradling a silky white pillow.

B Hotel Alabang knows that this is what they need to bring to the property, the kind of
bed that does not just offer an unwinding from tension and anxiety, but also one that
promotes health of the body and mind. This is what B Hotel Alabang is now offering with
their bed upgrade: A place where you can envelope yourself with calm and tranquility. A
staycation that transforms into a second home where you are cared for by family.

B Hotel Alabang is a no-frills 4-star hotel located in the heart of Alabang.

For more information about B Hotel Alabang, visit www.bhotelalabang.com Or call (632)
828 8181.

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