Shoot that Creativity with “Instax and Crafts”

Summer is not just a season spent mostly on the beach or in some far away beautiful place filled with hues of blue, green and white. For someone who knows how to truly value a good and memorable trip, one keeps tab of the memories taken while taking a summer adventure. Pictures plays a vital role during this season, and for some like me who loves summer so much, I won’t deny that my camera and my phone are filled with summer memories I love to look at from time to time.

FUJUFILM Philippines, Inc., the creator of Instax camera came up with a really great idea where summer-slash-picture-slash-arts-and-crafts lovers could enjoy the sunny season more and keep the sweet memories alive through “Instax and Crafts”, a free summer arts and crafts workshop held last April 9 at the Ayala Malls Market! Market!

TV host and model Janeena Chan led the biggest DIY event of the season along with the guest arts and crafts workshop gurus Mikko Sumulong of I Try DIY and Marielle Nadal-Reyes of Craft MNL.

Janeena Chan

Mikko Sumulong - I Try DIY

Marielle Nadal-Reyes - Craft MNL

Work shopper attendees had a wonderful time learning how to combine arts and crafts with their Instax photos through the guidance of Sumulong and Nadal-Reyes while listening to the alternative music shared by an indie band called The Ransom Collective.

The Ransom Collective

FUJIFILM Philippines was so generous that day because aside from free materials, attendees were given a stub where they can print their chose photos on Instax Share printer.

Mr. Takuya Maeda

FIJIFILM Division Head for Electronic Photo Imaging, Mr. Takuya Maeda, happily welcomed the attendees as well as the mall shoppers who were eagerly peeking at the works of the attendees and on the new Instax collection such as Instax Mini 7x, Mini 8, Hello Kitty Mini 8, Mini 70, Instax Wide 300 and Instax Share printer.

So, what are you waiting for? Beat the summer heart with some creativity! Enjoy the season and don’t forget to take your Instax with you for some memorable vacation you deserve!

Happy summer, friends!

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