A Year of Summeriffic Adventures

Time flies so fast. We’ve been to a lot of different beautiful places. Spent hundreds of hours on the road, on the sea, by the beach, inside our tents and sometimes even on beautiful mountainous ranges just to have a glimpse of the beauty of nature – a hobby that we’ll never get tired of.

And this coming April, as we celebrate the first year of our amiable adventures, we’re leveling up the experience with another most-desired destination we have on our wish list – Calaguas. A beautiful white-sand beach in Vinzons, Province of Camarines Norte.

For those who are following me on my social media accounts, you would notice that I’ve been in to camping lately, searching for the country’s less-crowded beaches and other destination. We call our group Team GoPro, a group of millennials whose main desire is to enjoy life while we are young – on a shoestring budget.

And just like any other millennials in the world, our group is in to sound-tripping, photography, which is mostly selfies, and eating and drinking – lots of it!

We are planning to hit Calaguas this coming weekend, a week after the long Lenten Holidays. A week after a tremendous lying around at home, movie and TV watching and uhm, food binging! I think I gained 3-5 pounds over the weekend, something that is not ideal when you are planning to hit the beach the following weekend.

A Yerba Mate Drink, which base flavor is Strawberry, this summer, I’m letting my Summer Partner, mySlim, do its magic as always. A sugar free dietary supplement drink that gives twice the fat burning power I need in my body.

I first tried mySlim a few months back. At first, I’m honestly doubting its effect. For someone who’s taking something like this for the first time, I think, it was normal. But after a few days of trial, doing the mySlim Yerba Mate Drink and mySlim Slimming Capsule combo, I was surprised to immediately see and feel its effect on my body and system. With its natural fat-burning capability and sugar level balancer, I was able to control my craving and started changing my eating habit.

I continue taking mySlim Slimming Capsule for two weeks, as well as drinking the mySlim Yerba Mate Drink every weekend, and to my delight, I to notice how it changes my system to a healthier and more active way. Compared before, I can live the whole day without eating rice. I crave less for sweets and I can sleep well enough to be up and ready the following day.

I only stopped having the mySlim Supplement back then because I think I already achieved my desired weight then. But I keep drinking the mySlim Yerba Mate Drink on weekends since I find it refreshing and nutritious.

Each bottle of mySlim Slimming Capsule 30 capsules and costs Php 540.00. You can buy this ay Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Southstar Drugstores, and Rose Pharmacy. As for the mySlim Yerba Mate Drink, every bottle costs Php 89.00 and currently available in all 7-Eleven stores, Mercury Drugstores, Watsons, Robinson’s supermarket, Southstar Drugstores, Rose Pharmacy, Landmark Supermarket, Anson’s Supermarket, and Crossing Supermarket.

For best result, I’m suggesting that you take mySlim Yerba Mate Drink during the evening after dinner. And for the mySlim Slimming Capsule, it is best to take two capsules per day after meals, one in the morning after breakfast and another at noon after lunch.

For further details, I suggest that you check out Vida NutriScience’s website www.vidanutriscience.com, or their social media accounts, Facebook: facebook.com/myslimPH and Twitter and Instagram: @myslimdetox.

You can place order through (632) 9279227, (632) 4553900 or via their info text hotline 0928-665-2646. You can also e-mail them at info@vidanutriscience.com.

I’m not hoping for a well-chiseled abs and chest this weekend. I’m fine with flat tummy and light feeling – a summer feeling that we all love to have by the beach.

Happy summer, friends! Stay sexy and healthy! Happy 1st Year, Team GoPro! See you all this weekend! :)

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