Christmas Gift Idea: Qwikfold Fun Slide for Toddlers

It has been months since our little “kulit” is making “lambing” to me to buy her new toys. Unlike before where kids are happy with one toy, kids nowadays are totally different – they want a lot. But one thing that I love about our little “kulit”, she prefers toys that require energy and stamina, so without hesitation I’m happy that I bought her this Qwikfold Fun Slide from Grow ‘n Up.

Though, this kind of toy is usually for boys, with our little Elaisha, who is three times the “kulit” of a normal boy, giving her this Qwikfold Fun Slide is just perfect for her active body and mind.

But did you know that this kind of toy is also a perfect for indoor activities? Since our home isn’t that big, and letting my niece play outside might ruin her skin and complexion, having this foldable slide inside our house isn’t a problem at all.

Standing at 3.5 feet in height, this easy-to-assemble and easy-to-fold slide comes in different friendly colors that boys and girls could surely adore. It is made of high quality plastic and there are no other small elements that might endanger her.

The slide itself is composed of three segments: the main slide, the supports and the staircase. In less than 3 minutes, you could easily put it up and let your kid or kids enjoy it. Once they are finished playing with it, you can just fold it and placed it under your bed or in a corner of your home.

Right now, this is Elaisha’s favorite toy. Despite of being the only toddler in the house, she manages to enjoy it by herself, going up and sliding down almost every day. Hehehe.

You can purchase Qwikfold Fun Slide by Grow ‘n Up from all leading toy shops like Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us and from all leading department stores in the country. You can also visit JSPGC's website for more info,, or follow them on Facebook (, Twitter (@JSPGCToys) and Instagram (@JSPGC_Toys).

Happy Holidays, friends!

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