The 1st Philippine Casio G-Factory Premium Concept Store

Casio Computer Co., Ltd., a global leader in consumer electronics, announced today the launch of its first ever G-Factory Premium store in the Philippines. Besides being the first store in the country, the Philippine G-Factory Premium store is the second one in the world, with the first launched in Singapore two years ago.

The MR-G Series

"Filipinos love timepieces. This is why we chose the Philippines as just the second country in the world to have a G-Factory Premium store”, said Atushi Yamaoka, General Manager of Timepiece Department, Overseas Marketing and Sales Division, Casio Computer Co., Ltd. "We are proud to give Filipinos a one-of-a-kind shopping experience with our wide range of premium timepieces, like the Oceanus and Oceanus.”

The G-Factory Premium Store offers customers a first-hand look at Casio's watches infused with cutting-edge technology never before seen in timepieces. For the first time, Filipinos will be able to get a glimpse of Casio watches that were first unveiled at this year's Basel World, the world's pinnacle event for watches and jewelry. Specifically, Casio announced to start their new direction, "Global Time Sync" concept, which is firstly installed to brands of G-SHOCK, Oceanus, and Edifice


For G-SHOCK and Oceanus, There is a new module system called GPS Hybrid Waveceptor which functionality uses GPS or radio wave time-calibration signals to correct the time wherever the user is.

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