MILO partners with Girls Got Game in Empowering Young Women through Sports

A firm believer in the values that sports can offer, MILO has partnered with Girls Got Game (GGG), a non-profit organization that aims to empower young Filipinas with important life lessons through sports. Designed for 10 to 12-year-old underprivileged girls, the 4-day inaugural camp concluded last month. As a partner, MILO came on board by sharing their expertise on mounting sport events, coaching athletes as well as providing sports equipment.

“MILO and Girls Got Game share the view of sports as a valuable training tool that equips kids with the right attitude to excel both on and off the court. We are very excited about this partnership with GGG as we work together to build champions in sports and in life,” said Robbie De Vera, MILO Sports Executive.

Gretchen Ho has fun with the kids of Girls Got Game

GGG was created by Krizanne Ty and Nikka Arcilla, who believe that the adolescent girl can end the cycle of poverty with the right education, the right environment and the right attitude. Together with fellow passionate sports fans and athletes, they set up GGG as a non-profit, volunteer-based organization with the vision of empowering young Filipinas with important life lessons through sports. It serves as a platform for former female athletes to give back and share their passion to girls eager to learn the sports.

More importantly, GGG’s goal is to help instill values – such as discipline, hard work, teamwork, confidence – within these girls in the hopes of developing strong character formation. Coupled with the right attitude, GGG aspires for these girls to uplift themselves and those around them into better economic conditions.

(From L-R): Nikka Arcilla (Co-managing director of Girls Got Game, Robbie De Vera (MILO Sports Executive), and Krizanne Ty (Co-managing director of Girls Got Game) join forces to empower young women through sports.

“A strong education and encouraging environment are critical but it is just as important to build in these Filipinas the right attitude. Through our sport camps, we wanted to show how these values can open the doors to many opportunities that lead  to rising above poverty and creating a better life,” said Krizanne Ty, co-managing director of Girls Got Game.

MILO, a brand with a long-established history of building champions, shares in this vision and the partnership with GGG reaffirms promoting the value of sports.

“We are very thankful for the support from MILO and hope to reach even more girls with their help,” added Nikka Arcilla, co-managing director of Girls Got Game.

The inaugural GGG sports camp invited over 92 participants from select low-income communities where they were taught by professional coaches and athletes the fundamentals of running, football, basketball, and volleyball. Over the course of four consecutive half-day sessions, the participants honed each sport’s fundamental skills through competitive drills and scrimmages.

Aside from this, the girls got to interact with female role models who imparted their own experiences with sports and inspired these young individuals to use it as an avenue to succeed in life. Among these women were Ani De Leon-Brown, renowned Filipina triathlete and 11-time Ironman finisher; Marielle Benitez, 4-time UAAP Women’s Football champion and current Philippine Women’s University Athletic Director; Mariana Lopa, former UAAP Women’s Basketball player; and Gretchen Ho, celebrity host and former UAAP Women’s Volleyball player.

Sports can be the agent of change for these girls and MILO believes that by providing a safe environment where they can be challenged and learn from mistakes, they will be given opportunities to develop a Champion’s mentality and the winning energy to go beyond. 

“MILO believes in the power of sports and its ability to build character. Sports are not just an extra-curricular activity, but rather a tool that can inspire and create better opportunities. With Girls Got Game, we hope these girls walk away with lifetime values and the right attitude to create a better life for themselves,” added De Vera.

Following the success of their inaugural sports camp, two more camps are scheduled for the year in October and December. Join in the fun and support Girls Got Game and MILO by spreading the word! Let’s all take part in empowering more young Filipinas reach their full potential. 

For those interested to volunteer, partner, or sponsor to help the GGG advocacy, visit and follow Girls Got Game on Facebook ( and Instagram (@girlsgotgameph).

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