5 More New Housemates Enter PBB 737 House

On the second day of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) 737, five more housemates were introduced to the public, completing the first dozen of this season's teen housemates. Normally, 14 housemates makes a Pinoy Big Brother show, so we're still not sure if this will be the last batch of housemates who will enter the Big Brother House.

After they were introduced at ASAP 20, each of the 5 new housemates was directly brought to the Big Brother house, changing the slightly comfortable atmosphere in the house. Meet the new batch of housemates!

Edward Kyle Secades

Zonia Mejia

Franco Rodriguez

Ylona Jade Garcia

Enchong Dee

Enchong Dee completed the first set of housemates, who supposedly playing as the newest hosts of the show.

Catch PBB 737 every night on your Kapamilya channel, ABS-CBN.

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