Forget "Tiis-Ganda" This Summer with Sprinto

One fashion item I bet you won't forget to have in this heat-beating season is the one that will protect your eyes from the harsh sunlight - sunglasses. Not only it adds style and character to your fashion statement this summer season, a good sunglasses also protects your precious eyesight from the UV rays that we directly get from the sun.

Sprinto, an international brand that started in Hong Kong, recently launched its Zero Gravity Eyewear Collection - a set of sun glasses for men and women that does not just give an eye-catching sense of style and a protection from the sun, but also a convenience of wearing each piece.

Now, you can say good bye to "tiis-ganda", and say hello to summer the lighter and colorful way!

Sprinto offers not only top of the line quality, but beauty and practical functionality as well. Sprinto believes in bringing utmost comfort and safety to all its customers, sparing nothing less than the best colors, design and quality, while still making it unbelievably affordable. 

The Zero Gravity collection features weight-optimized lenses and ultra-light frames making it the perfect eyewear for professional on-the-go. More importantly, it comes in various designs that are chic, comfortable to wear, and perfect for all day.

The secret to these incredibly thin and lightweight frames is Sprinto’s commitment to investing on high quality source material and progressive technology, resulting to products that are rimless, screwless, hingeless, and virtually weightless, with an overall reduced weight of more than 50%, in comparison to regular frames in the market.

Since its launching in Manila, in 2002, Sprinto has occupied great spots in different optical shops and department store in the country like Almeda Optical, Casaje Optical, Eye-Q Optical, Eye Stop, Eye Craft, Four Dimensione, George Optical, Good Vision Optical, Magno Optical, Optic City, Optical Express, Perez Optical, Sarabia Optical, Soliman Paroli, Sabater and Unique Vision.

Presently, Sprinto eye wears are available in major fashion hubs such as Manila, Dubai, Singapore and Hong Kong

Look classy without having headaches caused by wearing heavy spectacles, check out Sprinto’s Zero Gravity Eyewear collection on yoru favorite department store or optical store or you could visit thei website at

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