Enervon Prime Gives Seniors the Chance to Live Stronger For Longer this New Year

The beginning of a New Year is a great time to start being healthy and active especially as we grow older. As we age, gradual changes in our body occur especially when it comes to strength.  Daily tasks like getting up from the bed or climbing up the stairs can become difficult. This is because part of the aging process is a condition called Sarcopenia, the natural decline in muscle mass, strength, and functionality.

Though we cannot control all the physical changes that we encounter as we age, continuing to live a healthy and active lifestyle is something we can choose to do to manage these conditions. Apart from walking and other cardio activities, our muscles need to be exercised to maintain its strength.  Simple lifting of manageable objects like bottled water and lunges can already go a long way. Supplementation of protein and Vitamind D can also help delay Sarcopenia.

Enervon Prime, the nutritionally balanced milk supplement with high quality protein and Vitamin D, provides a platform to motivate adults 50 years old and up to enjoy an active lifestyle.

Through their campaign "Stronger for Longer," Enervon Prime launched a series of decade-themed Senior Prom featuring the music and dances of the '50s, '60s, and '70s at the RJ Bistro in Dusit Thani Hotel in Makati.

"It's encouraging to see baby boomers being active and having fun. They come to the Senior Prom all dressed up in their '50s and '60's outfits, participating in games and dancing together,” said famous musician RJ Jacinto, who plays the music for the prom nights.

"Having a venue for active fun like this gives adults over 50 the chance to not only have fun, but also to relive their youth with songs from their generation. And experiencing this in the company of fellow seniors gives them a sense of belonging," Jacinto added.

Since the campaign launch, Enervon Prime has held two senior proms, '50s Flashback and Groovy '60s and to kick off the year, the brand invites consumers to grab their disco shoes and hustle to the beat of the '70s on February 6, 2015 at RJ Bistro, Dusit Thani Manila, Makati City. Each ticket is priced at Php 1,000 and is inclusive of cocktails and an Enervon Gift Pack.

"Growing old can be lonely but only if you let it. My children are all grown up, activities like this allow me to meet new people and have fun. I'm glad Enervon Prime makes this experience possible and gives me the strength to enjoy it.  I've been taking the product for a while now and they are true to their promise of helping me become stronger," said Antonio Romero III, one of the attendees.

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