Dress Your Kids Up this Holidays with SM Kids Fashion

If there's one more thing I'm excited about the forthcoming Holidays, it will be playing role of a fashionista uncle who helps his nieces choose the right clothes for them and make them feel good and comfortable. What better way to spend a day shopping with kids who loves flowers, rainbows and colors than to be inside SM Store and shop for the most fitting clothes this season.

From their Summer Collection, which really inspired me to push my nieces to look good and confident, this season, SM Kids is leveling up their style and look with the wide-ranging Holiday Collection. And impressing everyone, SM Kids brings dresses for girls that are soaked in red, pink, blue and even in the softness of pastels, and outfits for boys that are edgy and comfortable at the same time.

This year's holiday collection consist of cropped shirts, sketter skirts and dresses that can give one's little princess that feminine, casual look for little princesses and tweeners, while visually appealing tees, cardigans, hoodies, button downs and blazers are what made the boys' collection of.

In a small but sweet fashion show they held at Todd English, SM Aura, everyone was treated to an afternoon of cuteness and craze at the same time with a dozen of kids - all dressed up and gone wild - going in and our of the "magical closet" they propped up the stage. Hosted by Issa Litton and Lexi Schulze, the mini fashion showcased the latest pieces and how you can actually mix and match them.

SM Kids ambassador Jillian Ward and Andrea Brillantes were also there all dolled up and looking so cute and pretty as always. They invited all the moms and dads out there to bring their kids to SM Store to see and experience the fashion wonders the brand has prepared for everyone.

I kinda like how Andrea and Jillian looked that afternoon. They both looked really nice and feminine - almost like a lady - but still have those sweet child look, things that I want my nieces to have. But if you think that's all, babies and toddlers can also enjoy this latest collection for SM Kids has prepared something for them too!

Let your kids enjoy the Yuletide cheers while staying in style all courtesy of SM Kids. Let them be in style while keeping your budget intact! And yeah, see you around, because I'll be bringing my nieces at SM!

Happy Holidays, everyone! Happy shopping!

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