Aboitiz Foundation and WeatherPhilippines partner for #WeatherWiser

If there's one beautiful thing that Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda, local name) has thought us, it's the idea of thinking ahead of weather. For a country that serves a welcoming committee to typhoons, it is very important for us to be always prepared and ahead of what might happen to our people, to our properties to our nation. 

Mr. David Michael Padua
Senior Typhoon Specialist, MeteoGroup

Hence, this year, through the generous partnership of Aboitiz Foundation and MeteoGroup's WeatherPhilippines, and with some more help from UnionBank, International Container Services, Inc., Nickel Asia Corp., Vista Land, SM, LBC, and Globe Telecoms, a stronger and more prepared country is about to see by the world through #WeatherWiser.

"By deploying automated weather stations (AWS) in remote areas in the country, we were able to penetrate the country's most vulnerable areas and elicit actionable preparations by distilling technical weather forecasting terms into something they can fully grasp," shared Celso Caballero III, General Manager of WeatherPhilippines Foundation (WPF).

In a Brainy Brunch conference hosted by Aboitiz Foundation, along with a number of bloggers and journalist and reporters,  WPFI shared to us what they call a "Weather 101: Basic Weather Elements and Systems" where we were oriented to the kind of weathers we are experiencing in a tropical country like the Philippines, Global Wind Patterns, Cloud Cover, Humidity, Tropical Cyclone, Low Pressure Area (LPA), Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), Tail-end of Cold Front, Effects of Thunderstorm, 4 Common Types of Uplifting Air and many, many more.

It was like I was back to my primary school with all of these science topics but more serious. And now that I'm adult and more cautious about my environment, let's add that I'm working with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, which is an organization that's helps ping families affected by typhoon and other natural disasters, I can see how this project could be very important to professional and ordinary people.

"Weather preparedness has to be made more sustainable. Lack of readiness will always cause expensive disruption. We have to be able to respond in a way that puts weather as a normal part of our lives, and can be seen as a significant factor in planning the groundwork of our livelihood," Caballero added.

You can be a #WeatherWiser by visiting www.weather.com.ph. The website displays 5-day weather forecast that consists of weather condition, temperature, rain, humidity, dew point and wind. The data that are posted here are from the hundreds of AWS deployed around the country.

The group is eyeing to station 750 AWS this year and 250 more next year to reach the 1000 targeted AWS. #WeathweWiser's AWS takes pride of it solar-powered technology and can give that localize weather condition that can be really helpful to everyone. These weather technology carries Globe sim cards that transmits data to the central control system every 10 minutes.

According to Ms. Malou Marsigan, AVP for Sustainability, Corporate Branding and Communication of Aboitiz Foundation, they don't just give out the technology. Through the help and supervision of WeatherPhilippines, they teach town heads and mayors on how to install the gadget and how to read it. They send some people from time to time to check the technology, and see if it still working perfectly.

Demo of automated weather station

As much as the want to place AWS in all areas of the Philippines, they are prioritizing those areas that are mostly hit by typhoons. And by holding conferences like what we had, their goal to champion weather is possible.

With 10 to 20 typhoons hitting the country every year, killing thousands of Filipinos and leaving us with devastated lands and properties, it is about time to be ahead of everything, even weather. With #WeatherWiser, we're not only protecting our lives, we're also protecting our properties, livelihood and nation.

Visit www.weather.com.ph to for yourself this amazing work that can help us in our everyday lives. You can also subscribe to receive daily reports on your email.

Stay safe, everyone!

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