AyosDito launches “SportsKoAyosDito” with Drew Arellano

In a city where traffic system is as crazy as hell, bicycle is becoming not just a trend but an option for everyone to try, whether you have a car or you don't. And it seems that an online shop is noticing it earlier than the others, hence they are promoting not just the convenience that a bicycle can give, but also the health benefits that it can share.

Last November 10, AyosDito officially named its latest ambassador, the sports, fitness and travel enthusiast, Mr. Drew Arellano. And together with him, is a brand new campaign that aims to help beginners pursue and level-up their passion for sports, and at the same time, promote hassle-free, safe online selling and buying, the "#SportsKoAyosDito."

Drew was presented to the media with triathlon coach Miguel Lopez, who, together with Drew, will train selected triathlon beginners - Jeff Calayag and Maridol Yabut - to gear up and train for their first triathlon competition. And since triathlon involves running, swimming and biking, they assisted the two in getting their own bicycles too.

Jeff Calayag and Maridol Yabut

Drew and Miguel were largely involved in the campaign. They both searched for the bikes on AyosDito, and met the sellers to transact with them – just like what happens with sellers and buyers in real life – to demonstrate that online selling and buying, especially with AyosDito, is hassle-free and safe.

"Some people think that getting a buy is so easy, they didn't that you have to be knowledgeable enough to find the perfect one. With AyosDito, you won't have a problem getting the right one for you, because the people who are selling their bikes are those who really professionals or could somehow give you tips on what to get. My own user experience in meeting the sellers and buying the bike was safe and fun as AyosDito has a dedicated reviewer who ensures ads and sellers quality,” Drew shares. 

Coach Miguel Lopez

"Sports enthusiasts will be surprised that they can rely on platforms like AyosDito because they can find what they need for a particular sport. For instance, I found a fit bike for my trainee Maridol Yabut who needs a 48 - 50 cm road bike and this bike, despite being a pre-loved one, is competition-ready. Knowing the strict ads approval of AyosDito, my expectation was met when I saw that the bike was original and the seller was reliable," says Coach Miguel.

AyosDito Philippines Marketing Manager Rebecca Ricalde also shared some details on how they are making sure that every deal on AyosDito are secure and credible.

To make sure every buyer or seller can enjoy the most Ayos experience, the company strictly implements the following rules:

1. Duplicate ads are not allowed. Nobody likes spam. On AyosDito.ph, buyers find items they’d like easily. 

2. "General Patronage" items only. AyosDito.ph stays up-to-date on the prohibited items for sale based on Philippine laws. Likewise, there are no ads promoting tobacco, alcohol products, and more. For a full list:

3. Honesty is our policy. One major concern when buying online is scam. To prevent this, ads are scrutinized based on their photos, description, and item price compared to current mall prices. Usually, if an ad is too good to be true, then it probably isn't!

4. Clear photos are required. Part of ad quality control is focused on reviewing ad photos. Ads published need to be clear. Photos that are blurry, dark, with too much text, and even those with watermarks are rejected as a way to prevent scam ads.

5. Actual photos (of cars) are required. Everyday, over 72,000 buyers are looking to buy cars on AyosDito.ph! To make sure these interested buyers get the best experience, specifically prohibited are stock, internet, and magazine or catalog photos for car ads. Actual car photos are required to inform every buyer on their decision.

"More than just an online shop, AyosDito is also a community. You'll be surprise to meet a lot of people who share the same interest as yours. And with the quality and discounts that you can get from here, you'll be more surprise that you keep on getting back to get great deals," Drew concluded.

I know for a fact that hundreds or thousands of you are planning to lose some weight this 2015 as part of your "New Year's Resolution", so what are you waiting for? Visit http://www.ayosdito.ph now and see for yourself their amazing selection of equipment that can help you achieve your goals.

Happy shopping and happy Holidays!

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