HMR launches Loro

My love for HMR just keeps on growing. And as they recently launch their home brand for fitness and sporting goods and equipment, Loro, HMR gives us more reason to shop the easy and brilliant way. If big discounts are not enough, how about a wider array of selection of bargain goods, which are mostly imported from the U.S.?

Last August 9, HMR Sucat with Philippine Volcanoes and Lady Volcanoes as their brand ambassadors, launches LORO, a home brand for sporting good and equipment fit for amateur and professional athletes who are looking for affordable but high-quality sporting goods and equipment that they could use in their practices and training.

From basketball, soft ball, soccer, football, golf, rugby, tennis, badminton, swimming and others, HMR's Loro takes pride as the first brand in the country that brings together internationally recognized sporting brands.

My day here at HMR Sucat started with some checking out the place. I was suprised to see how big their branch here. This is my second time in an HMR store, and just like what I said earlier, my love to HMR just keeps on growing, not only because of the discounts and selection, but also to the quality that they share to their patrons.

I saw a lot of well-known brands around the store, and I honestly can't believe that I would be able to find them here - with a HUGE discount plastered on each of them, I guess you already know what happened next. Hehe.

For those who are looking for affordable fitness equipment, I saw some fine looking tools around which works perfectly well and comes with even bigger discounts. May it be for your top, core or lower parts and legs, HMR's Loro offers fitness tools that suit to ones needs.

Apart from those equipment and good, you can also find some fine looking apparels and clothes here, some carries the Loro brand, while other carries their original maker's name. There's St. Patrick's for shoes, Accel for tops and some more for bottoms and other padded outfits.

After some hours of going gaga over the products, sports and non-sports related, I was able to purchase some interesting stuff that I could use in my daily life including two pairs of funky shorts, Php149.00 each, which I can use in biking, an exercise ball that I use at home for some daily grind, Php499.00, and lastly, some colorful chinaware, Php45.00 each, which serve as my "pasalubong" for my mom!

Yes, my mom loves the bowls that I bought for her! My sister took the yellow shorts from me, so I left with the another pair, which is violet and the red exercising ball.

I can't wait to go back to buy more items, seriously! I am hoping to get some biking stuff, something that I could really use, but if there's none, well, some more bowls would do and probably some Christmas items, since the season of giving is just around the corner!

HMR owners

Thank you, HMR! Congratulations to your Loro!

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