Watch and Listen with Philips 2014 Collection

They say the reason why Filipinos are good in singing and good in speaking different languages is the diversity of our culture. But I think more than being culturally diverse and having that innate talent of adapting our environment, we, Filipinos, have the ‘ears’ that captures every sound, message and even noise carefully.

The reason why I’m telling or sharing this is because on the recent launch of Philips’ high-end TV and audio technology, we were tested – or should I say, our ears were tested to determine or classify the kind of sound shared to us.

Golden Ears

I honestly didn't know that Philips takes the challenge of creating that ear-friendly music this serious. They let us experience their world-class ear training program that they've been holding in different parts of the world. Philips Golden Ears challenged our ears to the ultimate test. The unique Golden Ears training program was originally designed to develop the listening skills of sound engineers at Philips' audio innovation labs, to ensure that products created were of superior sound quality, highlighting every musical detail.

Now available to all via an interactive web experience that’s optimized for both desktop and mobile usage, the Golden Ears training program is the ideal listening workout for those who are passionate about sound and would like to sharpen their listening skills, just like the professionals.

WOOX Innovations Hong Kong’s Sound and Acoustic Architect Thomas Peeters took us around the website to know the five levels of difficulty: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Golden Ears and the ultimate Platinum. Peeters shared that there are seven chapters at the Basic Level; six chapters at Bronze Ears level; seven chapters at Silver Ears level and finally six chapters plus a quiz at Golden Ears level.

At each level the user is put through their aural paces and asked to detect subtle differences in sound based on five key sound related attributes: Timbre, Details, Spatial Impression, Bass and Loudness.

At first we thought it was easy, but as Petters shared to us what are the sounds inside Golden Ears, which he said Philips standard quality of sound, we noticed the difference and how hard the sound may be classified and determined.

Once completed, Peeters told us that the challenge will let us know the difference of bass from boom and why we could be missing out on the high notes using our old speakers.

To know more about Philips’ Golden Ears, you can visit to experience each test and share you some learning.

Home Cinema Experience

In line with the presentation of Golden Ears, Philips also presented their latest sound and home entertainment collection, which are set to give us that home cinema experience.

Some of the items highlighted during the launch were really stunning and I must say, a must-have starting with the ultimate DesignLine and Ultra HD range, which is set to share a whole new level of TV experience that is “beyond the ordinary”.

Built with a multi-core Ultra Pixel HD engine that delivers EISA Award-winning picture quality on both native UHD and Full HD content, the new range of Philips TVs deliver astonishing depth and clarity and are the ideal choice for any room in your house.

Philips DesignLine 3D Smart 
Ultra Slim LED TV with Ambilight - Php 228,990.00

The unique Ambilight feature virtually expands the TV screen, creating an exceptional and impressively viewing experience by throwing a soft glow of light matching the on-screen colors onto the wall behind the TV. In addition, new apps which are supported in our Ambilight range allow consumers to interact with Ambilight during sport events, continuing the great success story of this light technology and adding a whole new dimension to their TV viewing experience.

From Ambilight to 4K Ultra HD, the latest generation of Philips TVs offer something for everyone.

Another impressive item that caught my attention is the Philips 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theater HTB5580 system. Featuring wireless speakers for a clutter free space, the powerful 1000W system with deeper bass effect delivers great sound for that cinematic surround sound – a perfect match to the new Philips TVs.

Philips 5.1 3D Blu-ray Home Theater HTB5580

The next item that I find nice is the Philips TV SoundStage HTB4150B. Considered by Philips as the best companion for your TV and made with durable casing, you can simply place your TV on top for a space-saving effect, just connect one cable and you can already start enjoying your movie and music.

Philips TV SoundStage HTB4150B

The last but definitely not the least of my favourites among the items shared is the Philips M1X-DJ. Now, everyone can be a beginner or professional disc jockey through the help of Philips M1X-DJ. Combining a sleek design aesthetic and easy-to-use interface with innovative technology, the portable M1X-DJ allows anyone to create incredible sets that will blow your friends away and stream songs through Lightning connector/Bluetooth.

Philips M1X-DJ - Php 15,999.00

Now, watching and listen will be definitely a learning experience with these new innovations brought and shared to us by the world’s best, Philips. For more information please visit or the Philips Sound Facebook page.

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