McJim's Dreams Get Real: Why a Triple Tie?

Last Monday night, I went to Teatrino in Promenade, Greenhills, San Juan City to witness the most anticipating and exciting awards night of the first McJim Classic Leather's "Dreams Get Real: The Search for the Next OPM Star."

It has been months since the brand spearheaded this contest that aims to promote Original Pilipino Music (OPM) as well as to inspire young and talented musical acts all over the Philippines. From hundreds of aspiring young talents, the number of contestants was trimmed to down six, where each of them performed  in front of a live audience that night.

I must say that I didn't expect the songs to be like that. Each song has its own charm, catchy beat and overflowing of OPM goodness that any Pinoy would love. And so, without further ado, the finalist of the "Dreams Get Real: The Search for the Next OPM Star" are musical band Archetype, solo performer CK Arca, Dream of Pearl, Fifth Dynamics, vocal trio JBK and another solo performer Neo Domingo.


CK Arca

The live performances of the six finalists were okay. Well, some were too comfortable that it tend to be annoying or overacting, while some were just right, captivating, lovely - like a real OPM artist already.

Dream of Pearl

Fifth Dynamics

After the six performances, a short break was give to everyone to chill down the "fans" and "supporters" of the six finalists, as well as to let the nervous competitors some air to breath. Chris Cahilig, the man behind the conceptualization of this contest, took the stage after the break and shared some stories about the six finalists and their way to this night grand finals' night.


Neo Domingo

In the run-up for the grand finals, the Top 6 attended their very first press conference, made radio and TV appearances and were featured in MTV Pinoy. The songs are currently gaining massive airplay in radio stations across the country and being used in TV shows such as iJuander (GMA News TV), Maynila (GMA 7) and Letters and Music (Net 25).

Before the announcement of winner, McJim, being so generous and all, gave our some special awards first, which include DJs' Choice Award and Critic's Choice Award. It was the DJs' Choice Award that was first given out, and it landed on the hands of the soloist, Neo Domingo, who sung the song written by Urie Tesorio, "Pagbigyan Mo Na" A number of respected radio jocks across the archipelago made the choice and  described the song as catchy and danceable among the six entries.

DJs' Choice Award

While as for the the Critic's Choice Award, it was received by the trio JBK, who sung the song written by Urie Tesorio too, "Anong Meron Ka." The special judge was Mr. Jim Paredes of the iconic APO Hiking Society, who described the song as “The most catchy, nice, easy to like and remember” among the six singles recorded by the finalists. “It’s a great song actually,” he added.

Critic's Choice Award

Well, contrary to Mr. Paredes' choice, I found Fifth Dynamics' "Anyare" catchier and easie to remember. It's just that their performance or their vocalist's performance was off that night that it kinda made the song sound so a cheap - beer garden kind of song.

As for the winners, sadly, only three performers will get a cash prize and will really feel the fame light shining down upon them. The three who occupied the lasts spots of 4th, 5th and 6th are Archetype, CK Arca and Dream of Pearl.

Fifth Dynamics, JBK and Neo Domingo were the only performers left vying for the title, but to everyone's surprise - to my disappointment - McJim's decided to have a triple tie. SERIOUSLY?

Champion - Fifth Dynamics

Champion -  JBK

Champion - Neo Domingo

I know they are all good, that the judges had a hard time deciding who among these talents sung better, that who among them stood out among the rest- but to give us a triple tie is I think the lousiest idea ever.

I personally think that Neo Domingo's charm, cuteness and goodness in delivering his song is the best. Given the fact that JBK was awarded with Critic's Choice, I still find Neo's songs and performance worthy to be called the sole winner of this contest. Sorry, but I really think that JBK's number was kinda so-so, while Fifth Dynamic's number was O.A. as in!

Anyway, what can I do, I'm not part of the judging committee, right? But seriously, I find Neo's song and performance really nice. I just hope that he makes it better and bigger in the industry.

Congrats, boys and girls! Congrats, McJim! Mabuhay ang Orihinal na Musikang Pilipino!
Long like OPM!

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