REVIEW: TYLT Bluetooth Speaker

Having its red color may be enough for some to purchase this item. But did you know that aside from its look, this TYLT Bluetooth Speaker posses so many things that I got to enjoy when I had it a few days ago? Yes, this is one of the best audio equipment that I've got to review for my blog and I am sharing it to all of you!

May be a bit small in size, I was impressed by how loud it sounded when I accidentally connected it to my iPad during my first try of making it work. TYLT Bluetooth Speaker comes with three interchangeable rubber casing/protector, which can suit to anyone's taste and style.

The rubber casing is easy to replace and it keeps the whole piece intact. So in case you dropped it, worry less, because I'm pretty sure that it can protect the speaker itself.

As for the function button, well, at first I had a hard time controlling it. It was a bit late when I realized that all I have to do is to place my finger on top of the sign, and the speaker will automatically recognize the finger and make it work. NO. NEED. TO. PRESS. IT.

The corrugated interface is obviously made to make the sound more dynamic and intense, which basically the reason why I am so fascinated with it. And since it is made of hard metal, there's no need to worry again if you wanna put it inside your backpack.

As for the back part, it so easy to distinguish its purposes. There's the Audio In and Audio Out, if you wanna connect with bigger appliance such as DVD player, BlurRay, TV or even laptop of desktop computer, then there's an outlet if you need to charge it, and lastly, the Power Button for you to make this thing work.

But since I wanna enjoy it's being a wireless device, I used the bluetooth function, and to my surprise .. It is so uh-mazing! I LOVE IT! The audio was perfect and clear and it power to connect via bluetooth was quite impressive too.

I just wanna remind you that in every turn on and turn off, a voice prompt will be heard, so make sure that that the volume of the speaker in the lowest for you not to startle anyone. 

If there's a down side of this model, maybe it's lack of monitor which can show the volume of the sound, the life of the battery or maybe even if the bluetooth is on or not. I hope that they'll still develop this one because I really find it pretty cool.

Thanks, TYLT for letting me experience this! Really enjoyed it!

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