The G-SHOCK's Shock The World Tour in Manila

On its 30th year, the world's iconic shock-proof timepiece - G-SHOCK - brings music, technology, fashion and sports altogether in one big event that showcases its 30 years of greatness - The Shock The World Tour. Sending shock waves to different top cities in the world, Shock The World (STW) Tour is considered to be the most anticipated street culture event that features each key cities iconic figures in music, fashion and the likes.

Happened last February 28 at Hyve, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, G-Shock brought together the country's top musicians to rave up the night with their outstanding musicality. Urbandub, Motherbass, Up Dharma Down and DJ Aryan led Shock The World Tour Manila with their music that shares that authentic Pinoy flavor.

The father of G-Shock, Mr. Kikuo Ibe, who flew in from Japan,  opened the event by welcoming invited media personalities and bloggers to a press conference, which took place at the same venue.

Mr. Kikuo Ibe

And along with him are the local brand ambassadors and latest G-Shock collections, including the STW MNL watch - a limited time piece that carries the Philippine flag symbols.

Mr. Ibe gladly shared to us his amazing journey of creating this amazing piece. In his full Filipino speech, he shared to us how grateful he is to be here in the Philippines and share this momentous milestone of his life and his company to their Filipino supporters.

Brand Ambassadors Nix Damn P, Mai Mailan, 
Kaz Onozawa and Archie "Chichimonster" Geotina

Through the use of animation, he candidly told us how his experiment of creating that one lasting timepiece happened. As tough as the process of achieving his dream watch, at the end of his presentation, he showed us how tough and shock-proof his watch is by throwing it to this giant dart board.

As expected, his G-Shock watch sustained the impact it received. A-MAZING!

"We were really excited for an event like this to make it to the Philippines, a market that significantly grown over the past few years for the G-Shock. Not only was Mr. Kikuo Ibe, the creator and innovator of the brand, present during the event, but we  were able to show rare G-Shock models that's normally reserved for collectors' eyes," said Ms. Charlene Hung, Marketing Officer of Casio Watches Philippines.

Ms. Charlene Hung
Marketing Officer of Casio Watches Philippines

The latest Casio G-Shock timepieces that they showcased are GD-X6900MNM-1 (Eminem), GLS-8900-2 (Louie Vito), GW-9400 (Master of G: Rangeman), MT-G (Metal-Twisted), and GB-X6900 (Bluetooth). The limited edition the Shock the World Manila watch comes in G-SHOCK’s signature look, with a white exterior and red, blue, and yellow accents to reflect the colors of the Philippine flag. To commemorate the 30th anniversary of G-SHOCK, there are 30 red stars on the upper portion of the strap. On the opposite side, 3 stars and a sun can be seen to represent Filipinos. 

The limited edition watch, which is based from the model DW-6900NB-7, features a Mirror Dial and is Shock Resistant and Water Resistant up to 200M.

G-Shock has crossed borders from just an appealing sporty and adventure-seeking timepiece to a more stylish and fashion-forward watch. And Shock The World Tour is the perfect avenue for all of us to see these amazing watched before they hit the store.

Dear Santa, I want this!

Congratulations, Casio G-Shock for the three wonderful decades of awesomeness!
And yes, I'm a fan of Mr. Ibe now! Hahaha!

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