Skyscanner reveals the Best Time to Book for Filipinos

Summer is just around the block, and I bet just like everyone else, you are kinda cramming as where you're gonna spend your steamy, sexy vacation this year. Don't fret, because with these tips from our friends from Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site providing instant online comparisons for millions of flights plus hotels and car hire, booking your next destination is as easy as 1, 2 and 3.

May you'll be travelling alone, with special someone, families or even friends, it is important that you strategize so that you can book your flights at the lowest possible prices. And Skyscanner just did a study, now dubbed as the Best Time to Book study, on the millions of flights purchased by their customers over the past three years to arrive with the best time to book. 

According to the Best Time to Book study, on average, it is best to book 20 weeks in advance regardless of where you want to go. The study also suggests that the cheapest month to travel is in February and it is most expensive in April. This is for the reason that less people travel on February because they are making way for their summer travels which usually happens in April.

In the Philippines, we have always loved the idea of discounts and because of this, booking early has always been a trend.  If you book early, you can save almost 18% less than what you will have to pay for the average ticket price. Moreover, you can skip the stress of looking for available flights at the last minute which are most likely to be overpriced. Booking your flights early will not just give you these perks but it will also help you focus on the other aspects of your vacation such as relaxation and educating yourself, which is ultimately the point of traveling.

Here are some simple rules from Skyscanner for us to get the best price:

1. Book smart: Avoiding peak season travel and flying at less popular hours of the day, can really help to lower costs.

2. Be flexible:  Costs to different destinations can vary significantly depending on the airlines operating that route and the Thai airports offering these flights. If you are planning your next trip but are open to destinations, running a search to ‘everywhere’ can help find the countries that offer the best value flights at any time.

3. Compare and contrast: Using a travel comparison site like Skyscanner allows you to compare the widest range of airlines and online travel agents, so you’ll be able to see where you can get the best deal.

4. Track prices Skyscanner’s analysis has found that keeping an eye on the flight prices a few months in advance of travel, is the best way to find a good value flight. Using a flight tracker price alert service, either by email or via the app can help monitor when prices drop on a chosen route.

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Skyscanner offers price alerts on all routes to enable flights to be monitored by email. The Skyscanner app offers widgets for Android, Live Tiles for Windows Phone and “watch” functionality for iOS, all of which allow customers to track the latest price changes on a chosen route. Skyscanner’s travel search site is available in 40 countries and in 30 languages. And you can download the app now at

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