Hana, Hair Care Product with the Beauty of Nature

Promoting healthy beauty and the beauty of nature at the same time, Philippines finally welcomes the latest player in the beauty category through an alluring night filled with excitement and beauties as famed designers Joey Samson, JC Buendia and Randy Ortiz painted the runway with their latest creation depicting the beauty that is Hana.

Brought to us by the leading Japanese beauty brand Shokubutsu, Hana has finally shared its products last February 4 at Shangri-la Hotel Makati that are made with 100% natural cleansing and moisturizing ingredients that will help Filipinos achieve that "another kind of beauty."

Believing that healthy beauty from nature is beautifying, restorative, and continues to take care through time, Hana together with the the country's top designers, showcased its crowning result through a fashion show like no other.

Unlike the usual fashion show, invited guests were treated to a one-of-a-kind hair show co-produced with 3 of the top fashion and beauty magazines; Preview, Mega and Metro. Paired with their creative direction, the three dynamic fashion designers made a truly monumental show through a collaboration that speaks nothing but beauty. Preview re-envisioned with Joey’s professional line, Mega magnified with JC’s casual collection and Metro dazzled evening wear with Randy’s collection having Hana endorser Olivia Medina close the show.

Preview started the show by showcasing healthy beauty with a no frills minimalist approach allowing the mane to fall smoothly and naturally. Mega took cues from modern oriental influences; letting the hair shine in a voluminous, bouncy and airy way creating ethereal-like hair styles. While Metro modernized vintage 50’s glamour with soft curls and natural waves immortalizing a classic and timeless look perfect for those who go to the office. Each publication dramatically portrayed natural beauty while staying true to their inspiration allowing the hair to be the star on stage.

Joey Samson x Preview Magazine

JC Buendia x Mega Magazine

Randy Ortiz x Metro Magazine

The event also served as the kick-off launch of Hana Shampoo’s latest digital campaign "#NoFilterBeauty." Possessing a natural beauty is what everyone should be proud off, and with this Hana's latest campaign, it encourages participants to submit "selfies" of photos amidst natural background without the aided filters to project their most natural self.

With superficial elements that promise to bring out that best in you, Hana encourages women to be beautiful in the most natural way. Like nature taking its course, Hana is focused on finding beauty through a healthy daily routine to achieve long term sustainable beauty - a beauty every Filipino and Filipina deserves.

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