Miracle Art Manila, 4D Art Within Your Reach

Seeing pictures of my friends posing from one frame to another with these magnificent and marvelous art paintings, which are on-display at the 3rd floor of Lucky Chinatown Mall in Manila, simply convinced me to see it and experience it they way that they do. And finally, after months of rearranging my schedule, last week, together with some friends, I finally had my chance to pose with them and get the inspiration from these pieces collectively known as the Miracle Art Manila.

Open to public with corresponding fees (adult - Php300.00, student - Php200.00), Miracle Art Manila display a magnificent collection of 4D images with subjects images from aquatic world, animal world, Jurassic world, cinema world, fly world and even to mission world, which displays famous religion-related paintings in four-dimensional style.

First thing that I liked about this place is it allows visitors to bring their camera - camera phone, digital camera and even SLRs, they let it in for their patrons to appreciate the "miracle" that these paintings bring. The space is huge and it incredibly holds like almost a hundred of pieces classified into different categories.

Aquarium World

Animal World

It may take an hour or two to finish marveling around, with all the poses and clicks you wanna do inside, but don't worry, no one will really rush you inside. Juts hope that you are as lucky as we were because when we got there, there were only a few number of visitors then.

Jurassic World

Romantic World

I will also suggest that you come here with your friends, family or at least a group of three so that you'll have someone to take you and your partner's picture. In this case, since I have like 5 of my friends with me, it wasn't a problem for me to ask someone to take my photo. All we worried was just our poses and how to adjust to the 4D effect.

Cinema World

There are really a lot of interesting things in here, and all you gotta do is to let your imagination marvels. Both child and adult will enjoy here, so I think that entrance fee is quite reasonable.

Fly World

I'm just not sure til when this exhibition will be up, but I hope that they'd keep til the end of the Holidays so that more kids could see it. I really had a fun and learning time in here, ho I just wish that I can change my outfit from time to time. Hehe.

Fantasy World

Mission World

Thank you to my friends who tagged me along and for taking my photos!

Happy Holidays, everyone! May we all have a meaning celebration despite of all the problems we are facing in life.

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