Christmas Gift from Philips!

If there's one color that I love this 2013, it would be the color orange. I dunno what's with it, but I feel lucky and sexy with it. And luckily speaking, a few days before Christmas, one of the many Christmas surprises/gifts that I received is this Philips Sound Shooter!

A portable speaker that is equipped with maximum sound, Philips Sound Shooter is just perfect for travelers like me who keeps on going from one place to another. With its really cute and handy shape, this speaker is so easy to carry and keep inside one's bag.

It is so easy to use too, since it has a built-in rechargeable battery, charging this gadget can be done through direct connection to electricity or through your laptops. The good thing, its doesn't consume so much power, so it lasts for days.

Aside from its built-in rechargeable battery, Philips Sound Shooter has also a built-in retractable cable that gives you length and space. It's like having your own headset or earphones but getting this boombastic sound perfect to give you that pleasurable sound tripping.

The Philips Sound Shooter goes in different colors, but if you are like me who are into orange nowadays, come and get this one now. I guarantee that you'll love this as I love using it now.

Thank you so much, Philips, for this wonderful and super cool Christmas gift!
God bless you guys!

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