The Lifesaving Choice

It has been four years ago when we lost the nation's symbol of democracy. Bringing togetherness and peace to the whole nation, former President Corazon Aquino was not just a good mother to her children but also to the whole nation. And really, no one thought, not even her children, that one deadly disease is making its way to to take our dear president - Colon Cancer.

According to the Philippine Cancer Society, around 8,000 new cases are diagnosed every year and are steadily increasing. President Cory Aquino is just one of the many who fell victim to this, there's also the beauty queen Chat Silayan and actor Charlie Davao who had he same fate as President Aquino.

Colon cancer is defined as an illness wherein a malignant tumor develops in the colon. Known as the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the country, Colon Cancer is a tumor or growth that may spread to other vital organs, rendering it fatal for the body. Though, researches  are still trying to discover its exact causes or why some develop this disease while others don't, study shows that people ages 50 and above are more likely at risk of developing it.

The initial indicators of colon cancer are blood in the stool, constipation, inflammatory bowel disease, unexplained weight loss and pain in the lower abdomen. However, in many cases, the disease chooses not to show its signs and symptoms during the early stages. 

But do not worry that much, because as what the latest campaign of Dulcolax says, the no. 1 prescribed laxative in the country - in partnership with Carewell Community, a non-profit foundation that provides support, education, and hope to persons affected by cancer - THERE IS STILL HOPE. 

Stating colon cancer is now 90% curable, the Lifesaver campaign of the two organizations aims to help everyone, specially who are at the age of 50 and above to make sure that they are still far from the life-threatening disease.

Believing in the importance of colonoscopy exam or the colon screening, Livesaver states that regular screening can save lives from the disease. In this procedure, a colonoscope is used to search the entire colon for polyps, or growths on the surface that can become cancerous. Finding and removing these polyps may reduce the chances of developing colon cancer. 

The Lifesaver advocacy campaign highlights the fact that early and regular screening can save lives. People concerned can visit the Colon Care PH Facebook page, for daily information about colon cancer and tips for dealing with it. 

Colon Cancer does not choose its victims. It can hit anyone at any time, regardless of economic status, culture or education level. It does not even care if you are famous or not.

This blog doesn't mean to scare anyone, but we believe that undergoing a colonoscopy procedure at least once in your life can help you have a longer and meaningful journey. Imagine if Cory Aquino’s cancer was discovered at an earlier time. It’s possible that her life would have been saved and she may still be alive today.

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