Taking a Break at urbanbreak By Le Blanc Day Spa

Being a slave a.k.a. corporate employee here in Makati City could be oh so deadly, so don't be surprise if we have a lot of malls, parks and restaurants here, specifically in the Makati Central Business District. And do you know that other than those establishments, Makati CBD is also a haven for good-serving and decent spa houses that offer the most pampering services that suit to every slave in the metro. And the latest that I've been to and experienced goes in a name of urbanbreak by Le Blanc Day Spa.

Located right at the very heart of Makati CBD, urbanbreak is the first spa from Le Blanc Day Spa Group that is sure to fill the metropolis with soothing oasis of relaxation fit for those who seek break from their busy lives. A sanctuary that offers exclusive massages designed to take away stress, urbanbreak was my piece of heaven a few days ago that not only put me at ease but also melted my soul into a blissful state.

Upon entering Sagittarius Building here in Legaspi Village, where urbanbreak is located, I was welcomed by a set of what seemed to be reminiscent of a cozy coffee shop. The interior of this place speaks of a modernized Asian interior with an intricately designed door that leads to the massaging rooms.

The reception area, where the general manager Miss Diana Ross Gragasin is usually located to welcome their guests, assisted me in getting the best service suits to me that day. Their services consist of exclusive massages that ranges 40- to 90-minute long, manicure and pedicure that also cater to men.

Their single rooms are just right for every individual who seeks an escape from the toxicity of the metro, but if you came in with your love one, they also have couple's room that is just made ready to share that intimate pampering for two persons. As to those who are only here for the nail services, a specialized and well-designed room with a television is open to at most 3 people at a time. I must say that this is my most favorite room here in urbanbreak, not only because it has a television, but also of its colorful ambiance and really stunning furniture that spell relaxation right.

Mani-Pedi Room

Single Room

Couple's Room

For those who will be coming in from work, a his and her toilet and bath is also made available. And even though the hallways are quite small, the serenity of the place is kept intact with their soothing music and scent that are good start for a relaxing massage.

Toilet and Bath

And that night, I had their nicely executed 90-minute urbanbreak Exclusive Massage. Priced at Php600.00, this service is considered as their signature massage designed to relieve high stress, which is normal to Makati employees. A service that uses oil and heat pack that are both integrated in its 1 1/2 hour duration, urbanbreak Exclusive Massage is definitely just right for me that night making me feel energized and renewed at the same time.

I requested for a hard massage, and I'd say that I was able to get the kind of massage that I want. The hot packs made the whole experience better since it secretes the numb feeling I have in my lower back - it is just so amazing, really.

My visit here ended in a nice cup of hot spearmint tea and a little chat with my masseuse who gave me more details about this place. Owner Lan Monces also shared interesting stuff about his business that I personally find inspiring.

So, to those who are looking for a nice place to spend their rest days, urbanbreak by Le Blanc is open 2:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight, Sunday to Sunday. And since they just opened last month, corporate slaves who seek refuge from this place can avail a discount if you come in with two more friends.

If you need more information or you wanna reserve a room, please visit their Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/LeBlancDaySpa), their Twitter Page (https://www.twitter.com/LeBlancDaySpa) or call them at (02) 893 0759.

Have a break, have it the urbanbreak way! Enjoy!

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