The Ultimate Hardie™ Man Challenge

I never thought that it could be possible to build a house that is so durable and lasting in a day. I guess HardieFlex® by James Hardie is really here to prove that given the skill, workmanship, and expertise anyone can be the Hardie™ Man they wanna be as long as they use the right product.

And last August 22, at the Rockwell Tent in Makati City, the country’s best builders battled it off in a unique challenge that tested their greatness in building in the first ever Hardie™Man Challenge: The Ultimate Building Contest.

Composed of 10 prestigious names from the building industry - Drytec, Cabico, Shuttershield, SteelFrame, Global Building, Gentry, Capstone, Dreva, SC Stolano and Jonzlib'z - Hardie™ Man Challenge challenged every builder team to install HardieFlex® walls, HardieFlex® ceilings and the new HardieFlex® flooring which is  designed specifically for the Philippine market.

Each builder fielded a team composed of three members were tasked to install the given HardieFlex® under the given time on each segment. But aside from those three, a Hardie® Man Quiz also took place to test to only the strength of the participants but as well as their wit.

"Through the Hardie™Man Challenge, the builders demonstrated how easy it is to install HardieFlex even for do-it-yourself home builders and how beautifully it conforms to any design preference they please. HardieFlex is the next generation in building products that does not compromise peace of mind," said Mark Sergio, Sales and Marketing Director of James Hardie.

And at the end of the day, one name emerges as the best among the rest, and that is Shuttershield who bagged the 1st Place and Php50,000.00 cash prize. Following is the Cabico for the 2nd Place, who took home Php30,000.00 cash prize and Gentry for the 3rd Place, who got Php20,000.00 as their cash prize.

Special awards where also given, starting with the Best in Workmanship, which is given to Shuttershield, Best in Teamwork goes to Dreva, Best in Safety is bagged by Jonzlib’z, and the Best in James Hardie Knowledge is also given to Shuttershield.

For James Hardie, which has been in the Philippines for 16 years, this event is a perfect opportunity to showcase the ease of installation of HardieFlex advanced building composite that is known for its durability, high quality, versatility and dimension precision.

And staying true to their tagline, Living Without Compromise, HardieFlex® is made for us to feel safe and secure, so we can enjoy precious family moments that last a lifetime. To find out more about HardieFlex®, you may visit their website, or you can follow them on Facebook at

Congratulations to all the winners! Congratulations HardieFlex®!

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