SOLO presents Manix Abrera's Kikomachine!

One of the country's renowned and favorite cartoonists is once again gracing SOLO with his masterpieces that speaks and visualizes the true and modern culture of Filipinos on this exciting 4th year of Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia. And following the success of his first three highly praised collections, Manix Abrera comes back with one of the country’s best selling comic strips to date - Kikomachine!

A hilarious comic depicting an average Pinoy’s everyday lifestyle and experiences, featuring a bunch of nameless University kids as main characters, Kikomachine Komix  has captured the attention of many readers due to its relatable and hilarious presentation of everyday Pinoy experiences. 

Created when he was still in 2nd year college back in 2001, Manix's Kikomachine are stories of the experiences he had and the scenarios around him during his university life. Today, Kikomachine is compiled into 9 books and also appears daily in the comics section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. With his growing fanbase and continuous support from his fans, Manix continues to strive making Filipinos laugh everyday with his talent through Kikomachine.

And through all of this inspiration, the 4th installment of Pinoy Cartoonist Memorabilia consists of men and women’s casual wear composing of tees, collared tops and shorts, all decked with graphic images of humorously drawn characters and eccentric comic strip scenes from Kikomachine.

The collection transpires prints that are eye-catching and fun, sharing that youthful feel that we always enjoy about Kikomachine clips. And guess what, you can start owning pieces from this collection this August as it hits all The Ramp/SOLO stores nationwide.

Graduated Fine Arts major in Visual Communication in UP Diliman, the 31-year-old Manix is definitely one of the most talented cartoonists in his generation and this latest collection from SOLO is surely a must-have because this is one collaboration we shouldn't miss!

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Happy shopping, guys!

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