Mojo Sandals: Footwear Made for Outdoors

I was thrilled when I was invited to be part of the second organic farm tour of the Department of Agriculture – Agriculture Training Institute last July 18-21 at the beautiful and lush mountains of Benguet and Sagada, Mountain Province. With other bloggers all ready to for this educational and exciting trip, our additional comfort was provided by a slipper brand who speaks nothing but outdoor fun, Mojo Sandals.

This is gonna  be my first time to be in Sagada, and with all of the stories I've heard and read telling how adventurous and challenging spelunking in the renowned caves of this mystic province, I am glad that I am somehow ready too to plunge in to this thrilling adventure I've been dreaming about for a long time. But before I proceed with the adventure that we had up there, let me just give you all a little background about Mojo Sandals.

Mojo Sandals is a brand created by a Filipino for the Filipino. With Joey Cuerdo, who is behind the ingenuity of this wonderful product, Mojo Sandals is introduced to the market in 1991. By his huge heart for the outdoors activities, Cuerdo, who is a mountaineer too, decided one day to create a slipper that suits to his outdoor activities' needs. And with the help of a shoemaker in Marikina, Mojo was created and has been a household name for outdoor activities enthusiast for more than two decades now.

The slippers that I had for this trip is the Mojo Road Tripper, a style that in just one glance you’ll know where it is suited for. The shape was just perfect to the curves of my feet giving me this relax and balance feel. The sturdiness of the sole and the strap are so helpful during the spelunking because I don’t have worry about it since it is securely strapped on my feet – it actually feels like a part of my feet most of the time. And lastly, since the terrain at the beginning of the trek was mostly muddy, the slipper’s soles helped me a lot to stay in phase with the group and the guide.

I was also able to use the slipper in the parts where the pool of water is high above my knee, and it even survived it. So, yay for having this trustworthy slipper!

Mojo Slippers are available in all leading outdoor activity shops, sports shops and other department stores in the country!

Thank you, Mojo Slippers! Thank you, Sagada! And thank you DFA-ATI for this ultimate outdoor adventure that I will never forget for the rest of life!

I conquered Sagada! Hahaha!


LENS Blogger said...

I like Mojos. I've been using it since the 90's because of its durability. I still own a pair. It already has experienced a lot of hiking outdoors. Joey Cuerdo is also a professional surfer. He did give me free surfing lessons couple of years ago.

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Oh, wow! Lucky you, Vince! :-) Nice! I wanna surf too!