Meeting Miles and Tony as Alaska Nutribuild 345 Heads to Tondo, Manila!

Teaching how parents and kids age 3, 4 and 5 achieve that brain and body milestones, the number one milk brand in the country, Alaska, brought their team to a day of fun-learning activity in Tondo, Manila as they present Miles and Tony to Gildel Children Development Center.

Specifically located at Valero Street, Tondo, Manila, headed by the school principal Mrs. Delia Barrios, pupils of Gildel Children Development Center welcomed Alaska Nutribuild 345 team with a smile last July 31st for a day of learning activity suited to teach them the proper way of keeping them healthy and strong.

Principal Delia Barrios

Propped up inside a tent, Alaska Nutribuild 345 and cute pupils of Gildel enjoyed a day of determining the difference of healthy and unhealthy lifestyle through the characters Miles and Tony, who were created out of the "milestone" idea.

Divided into four quadrants, the first quadrant of the activity area was allocated for parents. With Dr.  Ma. Kristina V. Fernand, M.D., Alaska's expert nutritionist shared important facts and figures about the developmental stage of kids 3, 4 and 5 to the pupils' parents, who had a chance to get a good idea how to cope up with their kids' mental and physical development.

Through the help of some visuals and the character of Miles and Tony, the remaining three quadrants were assigned to three different levels where kids, along with the teacher in-charge in every quadrant enjoy a fun play with questions and answers on keeping one's self healthy and strong.

From the first quadrant for children where the teacher discussed the personal hygiene of Miles and Tony, to the second quadrant where the kids got to know how important to have healthy breakfast, to the last one, where kids mentally challenged through some shape matching activity, the entire day at Gildel Children Development Center as well as the community where it belongs had a enjoyable day full of new learning and discovery.

Aside from that, participants on this exciting activity get to taste the goodness of Alaska Nutribuild 345 through a milk-feeding program, and kids with parents along them also took home some nutritious gifts from Alaska!

Watch out as as Alaska Nutribuild 345 visits more pre-school this month. And as far as I know, there'll be more fun and exciting activities waiting for kids 3, 4, and 5 from the Alaska Team!

Congratulations and thank you, Alaska, for this successful and really learning activity!
Til net time!

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