REVIEW: WD My Passport Ultra

With so many things that I do online, keeping my files organized and in one area is soooo fucking hard to do, seriously. And albeit I saved most of them in CDs to make sure that they are in proper condition, I cant help but to doubt their potential as time goes by, so now I'm in a hunt for a portable hard drive. Thankfully, Western Digital (WD) lets me test their latest portable hard drive that not only comes in this small package, but also easy to work on and compatible with my Window-base computers. Friends, meet the WD My Passport Ultra!

Released last May of 2013, this latest portable hard drive of Western Digital combines additional layers of data protection with super-fast USB 3.0 connectivity, a slim, compact design and four color choices to offer mobile consumers the safest and easiest way to protect their digital content while traveling.

And since I have some planned trips during the time that this item was lend to me, I was able to bring it along with me, where I was able to test the four main basic factors that I consider in buying one.

STYLE that fits to all

Since, I spend most of time on the rode, travelling from home to office or seeing the beauty of the Philippines on weekends, the compact style of My Passport Ultra is very ideal and convenient. Its slim and compact design can fit anywhere on my bag where I usually place my other gadgets like my DSLR, netbook and iPad. Its dimension is just as big as my wallet, so it was easy for me to place it inside the small pocket of my bag. The package of the whole My Passport Ultra comes with a protective pouch to keep it from scratches, so I guess it is just perfect. But if you are that kind of person who is so protective, well, I think you can easily find protective hard case for this one since the size is really like of a gadget.

The best part I guess for this My Passport Ultra is that it comes in four cool colors that can match to your personality. Suit to every techie and techie-fashionista in town, My Passport Ultra can bring life to your day anywhere you are.

made to be EASY

Despite of me being too reliable on technology, I'm still do not consider myself that techie, a reason why I consider in choosing any tech gadget is its ease of use. And I am glad to share to all of you that I experienced that in this My Passport Ultra. If you know how to use 1GB or 2GB or 8GB flash disk, you'll be able to use this one at no fuss - NO JOKE! Its USB 3.0 made all of this possible!

Since this one is suited for Windows, Mac users no need to worry, because there's also a My Passport Ultra for your Apple gadgets.

DURABILITY at its finest

Nowadays, with the rampant of gadgets and other tech stuff, fake and original, in the market, it is important for me to get that one that I can use the most. And with an item that comes with the name Western Digital, who's been a global provider of products and services that empower people to create, manage, experience and preserve digital content, there's definitely no room for doubt. I'm just pretty sure that once they release something new, it's one item that can make anyone's life easy, organized and fulfilling. And durability comes along once all of those three are available, because if you didn't have any problem on it at all, basically your gadget will last longer.

This one that I have is only 500GB, but My Passport Ultra can go as huge as 1TB and 2TB, which is absolutely perfect for those who lives and breathes Digital World. My Passport Ultra portable hard drives have built-in WD SmartWare™ Pro backup software with Dropbox integration, hardware encryption and password protection to safeguard against unauthorized drive access.

PRICE meant to be friendly

My Passport Ultra 500 GB has a Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of PHP 3,790, and the My Passport Ultra 1 TB is PHP 5,090. It is protected by a 3-year limited warranty, so I personally think that this one is really a great buy. Though I'm not pretty sure as to how limited is the limited warranty, but I believe that as long as you didn't slam it on the floor, you can have it checked again and again.

My Passport Ultra are available at selected retailers and distributed by EA Global Supply Chain Solutions, Inc. and Axis Global Technologies Inc. 

With all of this four factors all available on this My Passport Ultra, there's no more reason for me to say no to it or to check out other brands. I've tested it and actually enjoyed it from the moment I started using it til now that I'm about to give it back to WD.

I'll start saving now to buy myself this kind, and I'm excited to have one of my own, for I have tons of photos to save! 

Thank you, WD and Think Big!

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