Jake Cuenca for My View

It was a that purchase for his mom that brought Jake Cuenca the title as the first endorser of the budding appliance name in the Philippines - My View. And during the press conference, which was held at Fairmont Hotel in Makati City, Jake, together with My View's CEO Rajiv Chandirimani share delight as they ink the deal to formally present to the public this great news.

Jake never thought that it would come to this point where he will be the first face of My View, an LED TV brand that is making its way to the Philippine market. With his only one goal then, to give his mom a birthday gift that will last and wouldn't look that cheap, Jake's eyes were stolen my an 40-inch TV of My View that led him to purchasing one.

Unknowingly that the owner was there, talks as to why he chose the brand started and end up to having a deal with them now.

Jake shared to us during the press conference that his mom is happy with the way her new LED TV is performing and comparing its features and price to the other brands, MY View is definitely a good choice.

My View CEO Mr. Rajiv Chandirimani

As for My View's CEO Mr. Chandirimani, well, he was very delighted to have Jake onboard the brand for he epitomizes the quality of the brand - young, bold, high-quality. He added that they way Jake is seen on TV and even on cinemas, My View is really happy that the versatile actor takes the project.

My View aims to improve the lives of their customers by sharing high-quality and user-friendly products at an affordable price. My View's list of quality products include 24", 32", 40", 42" and 46" LED and Smart TVs.

Aside from My View, Jake Cuenca is also the new face for My View's Android-based tablets in the Philippines, MOVE. MOVE's Android-based Tablet includes 7 inches and 9 inches, alongside their MOVE Play game console and tablet (MA500) and their MOVE Phone Android cell phone.

At the end, My View and MOVE promise to bring a new entertainment experience without hurting our pockets and they ought to share it as soon as possible.

My View and MOVE are currently available at all leading appliance and gadget store in the country.

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