Alaska Milk to hone Future Azkal Players

As of June 4, the Azkals had again set forth to take on a number of international challenges in the football arena. Starting with a win at a pitch in Hong Kong, they continue their journey in fulfilling the grandest achievement in the history of the sport – to compete against and level with the best football teams all over the world, as they carry the nation’s flag.

And like any other champion football club, making a mark internationally is the biggest challenge for the Azkals. “It took a while until the Filipinos caught on the Azkals’ potentials. But motivation and passion are contagious feelings. The team owes its achievements to having a common goal. Staying focused on a common vision takes a lot of team discipline. Determination to follow through to reach that goal requires hard-work, lots of practice, coaching and guidance,” said Azkals Team Manager, Dan Palami.

And today so as to share the Azkals vision of championing Philippine Football, Alaska Milk Corporation supports young, aspiring players who are out to become the best players in the country.  Through-out the years, even when there was little enthusiasm for football, Alaska has carried through in fostering and preparing young athletes for the triumphs of this game.

Providing venues wherein young players may discover and display their inherent flair for the sport, Alaska has been encouraging young athletes in striving to become the country’s future Azkals. Under the Alaska Sports programs, the Alaska Power Camp holds football training every summer, while advocating discipline, team work, hard-work, determination, and sportsmanship. It culminates last May with the Alaska Summer Football Festival, which is also a preparation for the Alaska Cup held annually in November – the biggest football tournament in the country, for the last 17 years.

“We have 2-hour practice sessions, sometimes even twice a day. Because the Azkals want to improve more as individual players, and as a team as well, alam nila what is required.  Determined sila to pursue to be the best, and that proper preparation is very important, both mentally and physically,” added Palami.

With clarity of purpose, Alaska, in recent years, has increased its efforts in engaging young athletes in numerous sporting activities nationwide, such as in football and basketball. Due mainly to the findings indicated in the 7th Nutritional Survey stamped by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) in 2008, these efforts are call to help alleviate nutritional deficiencies among Filipino children. With physical exercise, the nutritional intake in a child’s growth and development is complimented during shooting up years. Combined with sports, a  proper diet that includes a daily habit of drinking milk help prevent malnutrition, stunting and obesity, because the nutrients in milk are absorbed at maximum levels at this stage; preparing children, both in mind and body, for their daily pursuits, at present and later on in life.

As the Azkals takes off for another exciting season, they continue to inspire with their passion for football.  Alaska Milk thus cheers on while encouraging young Filipino players to overcome their challenges in becoming Azkals someday. Stressing the importance of a daily habit of drinking milk, Alaska addresses that high performance in football is supplemented by the proper nutrition of active children. Packed with essential nutrients, Alaska Powdered Milk Drink with Lakas Nutri Builder help unlock the young Filipino players’ full potential to be at the top of their game. Combined with proper diet and  the champion attitude  – hard work, determination, team work, sportsmanship and discipline – Alaska believes that young football players can achieve their goal of becoming one of the Team Azkals!

You, kid, can be the next Azkals superstar! Cheers!

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