Action-Packed Weekend with the Philippine Punishers!

Who would've thought that with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, they have already earned themselves a reputation across Asia. Nah, I'm not talking about some basketball team or soccer team here, I am simply talking about the team that making its way to the international sports scene. And yes, they are tough, clad like warrior titans and fight for every inch of dirt in their teams - and they call themselves the Philippine Punishers!

Tim Beasley, head coach of the Philippine Punishers, the country’s internationally competitive American football team, gathered his boys yesterday at the Army Support Command (ASCOM) at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City to practice and to seek support from the growing fans of American Football.

I honestly didn't know that I'm about to witness this kind of football yesterday, for I never thought it exist in the country. I'm not a fan of the sports for I find it too physical, but seeing the way these guys practice and battle it out among their team members to prove that we, Filipinos, are ready for this kind of sports, well, they somehow got my attention and support.

The Punishers is a troop composed of professionals from different fields, nationalities from all over the world but with a touch of Filipino, of course, and men of all sizes with a single quality in common - a passion for this tough game. These players dedicate most of their spare time to the advancement of the sport on and off the field. They are training players here in the developmental league when they’re not playing abroad.

I was able to see The Punishers' D-League yesterday, which is a collection of four developmental teams that train and play here in Manila - the Bears, the Panthers, the Raiders, and Legion. The objective of this D-League is to strengthen players’ fundamental skills, building them up to "Punishers" level.

D-League is also called the farm league, because it is where a new crop of players are, growing, preparing until they are ready to be harvested to play internationally.

Both the Punishers and the D-League are organized and run by the American Football Association of the Philippines. The AFFP was founded in 2011 by Tomothy Beasley (American), Desiree Pe-Beasley (Filipino), Jaime Vergara III (Filipino), Angel Uy (Filipino), Lawrence Reisland (Filipino). Since 2011, the organization has grown and includes members from all over the Philippines and the world, many of whom are now playing for the Punishers.

And come this June 29, 2013, the Philippine Punishers are going head-to-head with the Guam All-Stars right here in Manila at ASCOM Field in Fort Bonifacio. The All-Stars are the only team yet to best the Punishers. That's why the Philippine Punishers is inviting everyone to cheer for our nation’s number one team as they take down their archenemy. Aside from a pretty good fight,  food and lots of fun are sure to  expect on this another action-packed event.

So, see you all there! 

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