The Cutting-Edge Antony Morato, Now in Manila!

Sartorialists around the metro definitely had a wonderful night last March 21 at HyvE, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City as the trendy Italian menswear brand paves it way to the Manila fashion scene giving every boys and even girls that Antony Morato style.

The much awaited launch of Antony Morato (AM) has finally took place a few days ago making fans of this hip, casual clothing brand excited and more eager to have a piece of the name that scored big in the western side of the world.

From the various innovations with their unique approach to fashion, the three Italian brothers, Tania, Lello and Giovanni Calderelli have finally debuts their trendy pieces highlighted in a fashion show directed by none other than Robby Carmona and hosted by the very sexy Joey Mead King.

Each collection is geared towards providing comfort and, above all, an effortless approach to daily wear. AM focuses on giving its clientele clothing placed on the forefront of fashion while still keeping a timeless quality. Combined with flawless construction, they are sure to become a hit with those looking for a rebellious tilt to stylish apparel.

The collections draw on vivid influences meant to inspire specific moods. Sushi Bar, for instance, pulls from a Japanese aesthetic, incorporating both modern and traditional oriental elements. Less is More, on the other hand, embodies classic looks with muted tones like red, white, and shades of gray. 

At the same time, Voodoo Experience takes on the edgier side of fashion having a color palette with dark shades, while Alarm Call evokes the hectic, undone mood of the Russian Revolution with deconstructed pieces in rust, mustard, and olive green. 

I find the Alarm Call truly astonishing, but they way each collection shows the genuine style that Antony Morato has known for, I honestly can't wait to check out their store to see more of this brand.

And intriguing as it may seem, their rise to success is largely a result of their unique urbane style meant to excite every urban fashionista of Metro and Mega Manila.

Antony Morato is located at Upper Ground Floor Activity Center, Expansion Building, Alabang Town Center. It will also open soon in another branch, such as at the Ground Floor of The New Glorietta in Ayala Center, Makati City.

Congratulations and welcome to the Philippines, Antony Morato!
I can't wait to have you in my closet! Hahaha!

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