Meeting the Senatoriable from Aurora

If there's one thing that blogging has given me that I truly appreciate, that is meeting a lot of people - different ones. And this time, though I didn't meet someone from Hollywood  or someone who's aim is to entertain people, I'm still glad that I met rather someone who is willing to spend his life serving his countrymen. - the senatoriable, the man from Aurora, Congressman Edgardo Sonny Angara.

Congressman Edgardo Sonny Angara wasn't the first senatoriable I met for this election season, and though he is not my top bet for this coming election, I must say that after meeting him and getting to know a bit of him, I'm happy to say that I'm reserving a spot for him on my list, to have my one vote counted under his name.

Last week, as I was given a chance to be with him, together with some bloggers, I was able to get to know this man by asking him some personal and impersonal questions that concern his personal life and his stand on some social issues.

It was obvious by his movements and the way that he talked to us that he is influenced by his father, who was a former senator too, Ernesto "Ed" Angara. And though I don't wanna compare him to his father, this fine, young and humble man from Aurora represents a young perspective that I must say I'm excited to see once he get elected.

Coming in a simple yellow and blue top and  denim pants bottom, Mr. Sonny or "Senator" as what most of us called him, was indeed one young man who will definitely be an eye on the senate floor once he becomes a part of the institution. With high hopes and dream for our education and tourism sector, Sonny Angara, shared to us that if given a chance for him to choose the committee that he'll be holding, education is definitely on top of it as he himself helped pushed the education system in the lone district of Aurora.

The later one is his second for he believes that the country has definitely a strong potential in sharing the beauty of nature and people. He also believes that the tourism industry is the key to help our countrymen find a stable source of living and at the same time teaching them to protect our environment.

The senatoriable also shared to us his opinions on matters like the Sabbah and Tubattaha, in where he thinks that we really need to implement a strong set of rules for this matters might come again and again. And he believes that our justice system should have a firm law that will protect our sovereignty and our natural resources now matter what.

Along the conversation, since her beautiful wife was with us, we didn't miss the chance to ask him about his family life. And though sadly, he said that he is sacrificing his family for the sake of serving to people, he is thankful that his family, specially his children, were very supportive and understanding to the situation.

He shared to us that it was his son's incident that pushed him to  have the Anti-Bullying Bill as his advocacy and with that he wishes that the government will have it as a law for the protection of more children.

There were a lot of topics that we really discussed that day, and if I shared them all here, this post may sound that I'm campaigning for him, but, seriously, I'm not.

One thing I have in my mind all through our discussion was that this Sonny Angara reminded me of Senator Chiz Escudero when he was just about to enter the Senate too. I had a chance to meet that guy too, and I'm happy that he is doing his job really well. Hopefully, this young man from Aurora will do too once he got a spot there in the senate.

For now, good luck, Sir Sonny! I hope our countrymen will pick the right people for the senate! And I think, you are one of those right people!  ^_^

Thank you! And til next time, I hope!


Rod Magaru said...

Thank you Alex! Readers have a greater perspective now of our Man, Sonny Angara!

elmerlovesoreo said...

Wow! Ikaw na endorser :)

Alex De Vera Dizon said...

Suma-Sarah Geronimo lang ang peg! Hahaha!